When we were born, we arrived with a list of things that we needed. Many of our needs were provided for by our parents to one degree or another. Many needs got added to our list as we matured into adulthood. I’d like you to think about what you may need in the following categories. Are you taking care of what you currently think you need? What steps can you take to fulfill the ones you haven’t yet addressed?

• Emotional Needs
• Spiritual Needs
• Physical Needs
• Financial Needs
• Success Needs

Take a few moments and do a quick inventory of what you still might need in those five categories. Trust your Inner Coach to tell you the truth. Write down whatever he/she tells you. Write down two or three steps you can take to fulfill those needs.

Once those basic needs are fulfilled you can move into the category of more advanced needs:

• The need for Power
• The need for Achievement
• The need for Relationship

Power Needs are about managing other people for the sake of fulfilling your own needs, like creating a company and managing people to help you drive that company to the forefront in success. That is one type of power need. You folks who are helping another fulfill his own power needs, make sure you have enough power and that it is aligned with your own desires so that you don’t get lost in someone else’s goals only. Another type is simply wanting more good for mankind in general. My own favorite, Gandhi, fits into this category.

Achievement Needs are for you taking your next steps forward. Robert Browning said ““Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?” Each of us strives to achieve what we view as our next greatest achievement, and once we have arrived there, we conjure up the next good thing.

Relationship Needs are generally found in individuals who seek approval from others. Other’s approval is wonderful, but there can never be enough of this kind of approval. Self-approval is the only truly fulfilling kind, so continue to seek inside yourself for approval.

It is my strong hope that this information about your needs will ignite a few fires within you and help you take your next Be the Change steps forward.

Author's Bio: 

Change Coaching Institute founder and CEO, Maria Khalifé, has made “change” the mantra for her life based on her love of M. Gandhi. Through her www.Changecoachinginstitute.com, Maria insightfully trains peace-loving change artists (coaches) who then train others seeking extraordinary lives from inside themselves to the outer expression to maximize their potentiality and manifest their authentic selves. Certified as a Life Coach from the Ford Institute in San Diego, Maria, through The Change Coaching Institute, leads others in accelerated growth on The Path.