It’s ‘GO’ Month (Get Organized)! Moreover, it’s a new year and a new decade. This is the perfect time to set the tone for a new phase. Remember, small changes over time lead to a huge cumulative positive change.

Let’s talk about your office & desk area, whether it’s a home office or a business office. Many of the same issues are the same for both areas. If you find that you have always struggled with getting or staying organized and managing your time, consider hiring a Certified Professional Organizer to help you identify and set up a sustainable customized system.

Why Organize Your Office & Desk Area?
1) Video calls – Skype, YouTube & video job interviews. What impressions are you creating?
2) Concentration on tasks is more difficult with clutter & lack of clear work surfaces
3) If you do not have good paper & time management systems in place, you may be penalized with the following:
* Late fees
* Lost job opportunities if you do not have a good follow up system
* Get overwhelmed & procrastinate
* Suffer the judgment by bosses (if a company is considering downsizing the
organization – looking or being disorganized can be the kiss of death.
* Suffer the judgment, comments & threats from family & friends.
* Missed appointments – “Where Did I put that sticky note?”
* Insightful fact: We waste 6 weeks a year looking for information and stuff in
our offices. What else might you do with 6 weeks a year – every year?!

How To Start:
1) Purge old files (have 25% empty space in your drawers for future filing & storage)
Trash or archive
2) Have the right tools – if they don’t work well, you won’t use them
3) Set up new files for 2010
Annual files such as - Meeting notes, Taxes 2010, Bills Paid, medical EOB’s
4) Use your inbox as an in box vs. a dump box. Process your mail and paper documents.
5) Use your calendar to get rid of all those sticky note reminders of things to do. You don’t need to keep everything out as a visual reminder. Transfer’ to-do’s’ & follow-ups to your planner so it is scheduled to get done!
6) Helpful desktop files that I love:
*To Discuss file
*Upcoming Events
*Bills to Pay
7) Make recycling & shredding easy – put the bins (or paper bags) under your desk so you can get them off your desk & floor immediately.

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Certified Professional Organizer and Time Management Coach for Office, Home and Life. Coach, speaker and hands on consultant. Within Reach Organizing Services helps corporate, home based businesses, residential and entrepreneurial clients get organized long-term.