One of the marks of an extraordinary human being is someone who knows what he or she wants and goes after it. They have the courage of their convictions, surround themselves with good people and are not afraid to risk. Based upon that criterion, would you consider yourself an extraordinary person?

A Good Role Model

A few years, while listening to an interview on 60 minutes, I had the good pleasure of being inspired and encouraged by an extraordinary gentleman by the name of Mr. James Goodnight, CEO of SAS. I since discovered that SAS is the largest privately held software company in the world and I now know why. Apparently the primary strategy behind the success of Mr. Goodnight's company is based upon his total support and appreciation of his employees. What a rare, yet wonderful concept! Mr. Goodnight literally showers his staff with goodwill yet insists that he doesn't offer the special perks to be a nice guy but instead says, "I can't think of any other way to treat employees. I have to have people come in and [have] ideas pouring out of their heads onto a computer screen. To make that happen, you don't walk around beating people - you use some carrots." Understandably, SAS reports a very small turnover rate.

How Do You Define Extraordinary?

The dictionary defines, extraordinary as beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable; extraordinary authority; an extraordinary achievement, far more than usual or expected. Based upon that definition and from reading many articles, most of the readers of online publications such as are using carrots at many different levels and doing what they can to be extraordinary. They are applying the idea that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and are demonstrating that by the courage of their convictions, willingness to risk, and by giving themselves permission to live their dreams. They are offering new products and services that make life better and are doing things that empower other people. Overall, they are living their lives from a creative and entrepreneurial spirit and are always eager to expand upon their endeavors.

Living Life at an Extraordinary Level

Living in a fast-paced culture we seek services and companies that offer prompt attention, cost saving devices and immediate gratification, but what is it we are really seeking? When you are inspired by your own purpose or are motivated to do something extra, you are living your life at an extraordinary level and seeking to be the very best you can be. As ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives, we have the opportunity to offer as Mr. Goodnight suggests, "carrots." The willingness to tap into our own potential and the eagerness to follow the beat of our own drummer is the mark of an extraordinary person. We are living extraordinary lives when we treat our customers, employees or peers with respect. In a nutshell, the mark of an ordinary person doing extraordinary business is one who strives to be their best, respects and appreciates others and always does whatever they can to give their best.

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