Both prostatitis and orchitis are normal sicknesses in men, which may cause serious problems for man's well being as time passes. It’s discovered that there is a complicated relationship between orchitis and prostatitis. For those who have any one of these, you need to get dealt with it soon enough, to stop aggravation and relevant conditions.

Physiologically, prostate gland and testicles are relatively crucial internal organs in male reproductive process. The prostate gland mainly secretes semen while the main job of testicles is to produce sperm and testosterone. So they actually work together in human body, which also implies orchitis and prostatitis are usually concurrent. Sometimes, the orchitis you have may be caused by prostatitits, and it will be relieved after the prostatitis symptoms are improved.

When you take note of your prostate health and do more efforts to avoid prostatitis, you won't have orchitis in many instances. But male friends should also realize that the occurrence of orchitis can be linked to some individual aspects, like actual physical injuries inside the testicles and the distributed of epididymal infection.

Both orchitis and prostatitis are inflammation illnesses, which have an evident relationship with infection and microorganisms infection. As for the treatment, there are also some similarities, which usually include the general treatment and medication.

Because the orchitis always go with the prostatitis, the treatment can be mainly put on the prostate gland. Commonly, some antibiotics can be used to treat prostatitis in a short period.

When the patient is diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, antibiotics may be relatively useless, then the patient can use herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It has the effect on reducing inflammation and improve urogenital system in men. Besides, it can effectively treat both prostatitis and orchitis after the patient takes the pill for a long time.

Ensuing an adequate treatment is rather important for all patients. If left untreated thoroughly, the chronic prostatitis can not only trigger orchitis, but also lead to other physical problems and mental disorders. Once you have a suitable treatment plan, you need to keep on it, usually lasting at least one to three months. For some patients with more severe diseases, they need more time and energy to deal with it.

Warm tips for you to fight against prostatitis and orchitis:

1.Drink more warm water and fresh milk, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Don’t smoke or drink, and avoid spicy and cold foods.

2.Do more exercise in daily life and don’t sit for too long, don’t hold back urine, and don’t stay up late every night.

3.Keep clean and always pay attention to your personal hygiene. Control your sexual behaviors and don’t indulge yourself in sex.

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