Orchitis is one of the common diseases in men. This disease often causes male testicular pain, and it is easy to cause male infertility symptoms if it is not treated in time. Therefore, men must pay attention to personal hygiene at ordinary times to avoid bacterial infections.

So, what is the cause of orchitis? Le's Analyze it.

1. Ignore the hygiene of the testis. Many men ignore cleaning the testicles at ordinary times, leading to bacterial infection after a long time. In addition, if patients with prostatitis cannot be treated in time, the inflammation will continue to spread, which will eventually affect the testicles, leading to the occurrence of orchitis. At the same time, many men need to pay more attention to cleaning their underwear in time, which is also likely to accumulate many bacteria. It causes the occurrence of orchitis.

2. Have unprotected sex life. When many male friends have sex, they often act too recklessly and ignore their sexual hygiene, which is easy to cause bacterial infection. In addition, they often cause testicular enlargement, congestion, and even testicular abscess during sexual life. For a long time, this kind of stimulation can easily cause orchitis. So we remind male friends that sexual life must be moderate, And we should pay attention to health care before and after sex to reduce the incidence of orchitis.

3. It is caused by mumps. Mumps is a disease that occurs in many children. If the treatment is not timely, it will affect the normal development of the testes, causing a severe impact on the testes. In clinical practice, mumps disease often causes a large number of cells to become inflamed, leading to the occurrence of orchitis.

4. Testicular injury. Sometimes, whether it is sports, surgery, or conflict that has caused damage to the male testes, the resistance of the general testes will be greatly reduced. If it is not handled in time or is invaded by bacteria, it can easily cause infection and disease.

In addition, there are some non-specific factors. It is the symptom of patients with urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis, and long-term indwelling catheter.

Men must pay attention to the prevention and treatment of orchitis at ordinary times, pay attention to understanding the above factors of orchitis, take more rest at ordinary times, pay attention to the hygiene of private places, pay attention to scientific cleaning methods, and pay attention to comprehensive nursing in daily life.

Patients with orchitis may have testicular pain and scrotum swelling, but the signs of different orchitis are other. In some patients, the scrotum on one side swells rapidly, accompanied by pain, which can radiate to the groin and lower abdomen on the same side, and the testes on the affected side become larger and harder. Some patients mainly have pain in the scrotum, swollen testis, hydrocele, and apparent tenderness. The pain can radiate to the groin and lower abdomen, and the scrotum can have erythema or edema.

In addition, patients usually have a history of mumps, and symptoms often appear 3 to 4 days after mumps. Because orchitis is mainly caused by pathogen infection, some patients are usually accompanied by fever and other general discomfort symptoms.

Chronic orchitis can touch the testes with diffuse enlargement, hard texture, and slight tenderness, and some of them may be manifested as testicular atrophy.
These symptoms of orchitis seriously affect men's work and life. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the emergence of orchitis, and timely treatment can be carried out. The longer the delay, the greater the impact on the patient's normal fertility.

In addition, orchitis can also have a particular impact on sperm if it is delayed for a long time. The most common is that orchitis can cause azoospermia in patients, causing severe harm to men.

Therefore, men must receive treatment as soon as possible after suffering from orchitis. The treatment of orchitis must be selected according to the patients' specific conditions. If the disease is not particularly serious, you can get better with some medication. Antibiotics are suitable for acute orchitis. If chronic orchitis or epididymitis occurs, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be selected.

When testitis causes azoospermia, the patient must go to the hospital in time to do all the relevant examinations before treatment and follow the doctor's instructions. Only by actively cooperating with the doctor can the disease recover as soon as possible.

Patients with orchitis should stay in bed more often and avoid strenuous exercise. They should use some soft objects to hold up the scrotum to relieve the pain and swelling of the testicles. It can lift the affected testicle, which can avoid swelling and discomfort caused by testicular ptosis, and helps alleviate the pain of patients.

During illness, they should avoid excessive sexual life and masturbation, especially in an acute stage. Smoking cessation, alcohol abstinence, and sitting or standing for a long time should be avoided to prevent the aggravation of orchitis.

In terms of diet, men should also make adjustments. They should eat a light diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and eat more food containing high-quality protein and vitamins appropriately. And they should avoid eating spicy, greasy, and stimulating food.

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