Awareness of the benefits of health and wellbeing has never been higher, but there are still plenty of things men can do to improve their lives.

Exercise, food, clothing and sleep are amongst the areas where making adjustments could make a difference in the quality of someone’s life. Read on as we look at 10 things any man can do today to improve themselves (and their lives).

Eat a healthy diet

Whether you’re a fast-food freak or a fitness fanatic, there are likely to change you can make to your diet that would improve your life. Eating more fruit and vegetables or cutting back on processed foods can have a major impact on your health.

Switching to a healthy diet doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing deal either. As the old saying goes ‘a little bit of what you fancy does you good’ and you don't have to be perfect or completely eliminate foods that you enjoy.
Start with a few small steps such as adding greens to your diet once a day rather than one big drastic change. As you get used to your new-found desire for a cleaner diet you can ramp things up by adding more healthy dishes.

Enjoy a spending spree

Treating yourself every now and then can play a big part in boosting your self-esteem. Do you fancy a night out with friends? Go and do it. A midweek romantic meal with a loved one? Yes!

Maybe your wardrobe is in need of sprucing up. Whether it’s buying pairs of stylish boxers or shelling out on some brand new trainers, smart clothes make us feel better.

Alternatively, spend some money on your home. From new gadgets to a complete room makeover, improving your surroundings is a surefire way to make you feel better inside.

Don’t skimp on sleep

Many men struggle to enjoy a good night's sleep, but it is essential to ensure that we get a sufficient amount of rest to prepare us for the next working day.
Stick to a schedule, relax before going to bed, keep yourself fit and put your electronic devices away before bedtime will all help to improve your sleep.

Psychological functioning and daily performance are hugely impacted by sleep, with studies showing that it can affect everything from mental focus to energy and recovery.

Hit the gym

All men should get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week and going to the gym is a great way to accomplish this goal.
Fitness sessions help to control your weight, strengthen your heart and boost your immune system.

Visiting the gym also gives you the opportunity to meet up friends or make new ones, thus boosting your social life and making you feel better about yourself.

Spend time away from home

Travelling makes you more aware of the world at large and gives you experiences to draw upon when day-to-day life is getting you down.

It changes the way you relate to the world, to other people and empowers you to take on other challenges.
Seeing other cultures gives you memories you can cherish forever. Life is too short to be stuck in one place, so see the world and reap the benefits!

Set yourself challenges

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, particularly if your life is one endless slog of work, family commitments and very little ‘you’ time.

Wherever you are up to in your life, it’s never too late to challenge yourself. Whether it’s gaining new knowledge, playing a different sport or something else, it pays to diversify your lifestyle.
No-one is expecting you to start climbing Mount Everest, but trying something new is a superb way to improve your wellbeing.

Be nice to others

Everybody appreciates acts of kindness and research has shown that being nice to others can actually make us genuinely happy in a number of different ways.
The feel-good emotion from helping has been termed ‘warm glow’ and the activity generated in the brain is the likely biological basis of that feeling.

Being nice to others benefits not only them but yourself as well. Do you have a family member who lives alone? Call in for a chat. You'll brighten up their day and you'll feel good about yourself too.

Take power naps

Numerous studies by universities have found that power naps are good for you. A nap as short as 20 minutes can improve performance, increase alertness and lift your mood.

Research shows that longer naps help boost memory and enhance creativity. Slow-wave sleep -- napping for approximately 30 to 60 minutes -- is good for decision-making skills, such as memorizing vocabulary or recalling directions.

Getting rapid eye movement (REM sleep), usually, 60 to 90 minutes of napping, plays a key role in making new connections in the brain and solving creative problems.

Get organized

Organisation gives men a sense of control, helps to reduce stress and is a great confidence booster.
It allows you to concentrate on what really matters in life, rather than worrying about inconsequential things. Make lists, have a place for everything and regularly get rid of items you don’t need.

Getting your life and surroundings in good order gives you the peace of mind to enjoy life to its fullest.

Never give up

Former basketball coach Jim Valvano's legendary speech a few weeks before his death at the 1993 ESPY Awards stressed the importance of hope, love and persistence.

He stressed the importance of being in touch with key emotions, imploring people to spend time laughing, thinking and crying happy or sad tears at least once a day.

His ethos of never giving up stuck with him until the end and is one that can help every man improve themselves and their lives.

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I am a professional journalist and life coaching trainer. I have more than 4 years of experience in writing articles on life improvement and success skills.