It takes more than just luck to pull off a successful, high-profile conference. Not only do they require countless hours of planning and dedication, but also scrupulous attention to detail. If you are lucky enough to have been chosen to host such an event, you'll likely find it to be a high-stakes, high-stress assignment. After all, there's a lot at risk and it's imperative that the conference is executed flawlessly.

Operator Assisted conferencing involves the use of live operators to answer all of the incoming lines to your conference call. Professionally trained event facilitators and support personnel work to help you manage your conference every step of the way – from pre-conference planning to post-conference follow up. While each Operator Assisted conferencing service will vary depending on the provider you choose, the following is a general overview of how a standard Operator Assisted conference works.

First, you are assigned an operator who will work with you to determine your agenda, goals, requirements, etc. as well as schedule your conference. Just prior to your conference taking place, your operator will bring the meeting host and all scheduled speakers into a sub-conference to discuss any last-minute updates, cover how to pronounce participant names and to finalize last minute logistics. Once the conference begins, your operator will be available to:

  • Secure your conference
  • Dial out to your participants instead of having them dial into your call
  • Greet each caller as they enter the call
  • Gather any information you wish (such as name, email address, phone number, etc.)
  • Conduct a roll call
  • Answer any questions
  • Handle any problems throughout the duration of the call
  • Assist with tasks (including moderating, participant muting, Q&A sessions, polls, recording, etc.)
  • Manage behind the scene items

Once your conference has ended, your operator will provide you with all requested information, transcripts and/or conference recordings.

Whether you're looking to meet with just a handful of executives or hundreds of your employees, Operator Assisted conferencing helps you streamline and manage your most demanding conferences, making it the ideal choice for shareholder and investor relations calls, special event calls, cross-cultural team meetings, weekly status meetings, project updates, etc.

To find out more about Operator Assisted conferencing, give us a call today. Our dedicated account managers will work directly with you to customize the ideal conferencing solution to fit your business's unique needs and budget.

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