{Connie Huebner facilities the presence of Divine Mother by putting her attention on the deepest level within her heart. She experiences the vibration of Divine Mother's name at the quiet inner most subtle level of life and is then able to have an intimate, inner conversation with Her. The following is an excerpt from the immense wisdom of Divine Mother on the topic of Truth and love.}

You are opening into the Truth. When you see from the level of Truth, you will see the beauty that is occurring around you. There is great beauty occurring all around you. Learn to look with your heart. Use the eye in your heart to see the beauty that is building on this planet. You know that the reports on the news are harsh. They are reports from people who do not look with their hearts. They see only how the surface is breaking down. It is breaking down because a new life force is emerging from deep within. New green shoots of life are growing and breaking the surface. What is seen on the surface is the breaking up and the fear of those who are holding on to life on the surface. You are operating on a deeper level. Learn to see with your heart. You will see that there is a huge change going on -- not the changes reported in the news, but the changes in the hearts of the people. People are giving to each other and loving each other. Trust that. Love another person yourself. Reach out to someone. Be the change. Be the change and you will see it in yourself. You have a big job to do -- to completely change the earth. You are supported by all the subtle energies. You are the ground-breakers. You are here to be the change. You must start living differently. Give to each other. Trust each other. Do the thing that you have been wanting to do but are afraid to do. Make the change. Don't hold on to the fear, then you will see the change all around you. Ask for help. Open in wholeness. You have been given something within yourself to do. It is a great task. Don't hold back. Once you begin, you will have all the support of the kingdom of heaven. There is so much support organizing around those who can be the change, that when you move into your Light, you will be supported a thousand percent. But you must make the choice.

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About Rev. Connie Huebner: Rev. Connie Huebner has dialogued with Divine Mother for over 25 years. She does not “channel.” Rather, within her heart, she engages Divine Mother in a conversation at the subtlest level of creation, which she then repeats to you. In this way, Connie can converse with any Divine Being. Her connection to the Infinite Source of Life is the basis upon which she receives messages. Connie goes to the fundamental source where we are all One, finds the Divine Mother, asks Her your questions, and receives your answers. She has also developed a set of vibrational healing tools that you can use to clear your blocks and connect directly to Divine Mother.