Do you ever have those days or even though moments where you find yourself saying, "Only another single mom would understand?" Whether it's your baby rolling over for the first time, your child going off to kindergarten, or your teenager dating, there are just some things that only another mom will understand.

When I was single and childless, I thought I understood. I thought I got it. When my friends with kids would say they were busy, I always thought, Really? Aren't we all busy?

When they would say they were tired, I thought, Yeah, so am I.

I didn't understand nor did I get it... and now I do. When a single mom says she is busy, what she is really saying is, "I don't have time, because I can't even get the things done that I need to get done, let alone take a shower or eat a decent meal. So no, I can't talk on the phone or volunteer with the PTA, because I can't find five seconds to myself. You can forget about having an hour."

When a single mom says she is tired, what she is really saying is she is exhausted and there really aren't any words to describe it. She is not just sleepy. She is mentally, emotionally, and physically drained to the extent if you gave her five minutes alone she would fall asleep standing up and then fall flat on her face.

If you are thinking of saying you are busy or tired to a mom, especially a single mom, and you aren't a mom yourself, you might as well go tell your other single, childless friends, because that's the only way you will get any sympathy. Sometimes as moms, we barely have time to think, so we definitely don't have time to pass along sympathy to you... a nine-to-ten-hour-a night "friend" who is busy going to movies, out to dinner, and hanging out. (I say "friend" like that, because if you were a real friend, you would never even think about complaining about how tired you think you are to a mom).

Only another mom truly understands hearing the sweet sounds of your baby and how that not only puts a smile on your face but makes you think you've never heard anything better. Only another mom understands how you can love your child one minute and want time away from him the next.

Only another mom understands how you thought after delivery the weight would just "fall off" with the baby's birth, breast feeding, or just because you hoped it would. Then reality sets in, and you try on your pre-pregnancy jeans just to find out you can't get them up over your thighs... and you are lucky you are able to fit into sweat pants. You discover how daunting it is to get dressed, because the only thing that fits is the same pants you wore yesterday.

As time passes, you don't feel like anything has changed, yet your pants fit a little looser. You think, Maybe I'll try my pre-pregnancy jeans on just to see where I stand with them. Because last time you tried them on, you almost had a meltdown... This time you are not only able to get them over your thighs, you are able to pull them all the way up, zip, and button them! WOO HOO!

You not only do a happy dance, but you dance, in front of the mirror, for five solid minutes, as though you just won the lotto. Because let's be honest, even the lotto wouldn't have been as good as this moment. You even make up your own lyrics to Beyonce's Single Ladies song about fitting into your jeans. And you know nothing will ruin your day... yes, only another mom truly understands this.

Next time you find yourself saying or thinking only another mom would understand, find your nearest mom or single mom and share your story. Don't worry about what she will think, say, or do, because she has probably been there too. Or feel free to share your story with me, because now, I really understand. I finally get it.

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