Online Product Designer Tool: A Key to Reviving Your Fashion Store

Been facing a setback of late in your online fashion stores? Tried out all strategies right from marketing to customer support and others but haven’t got satisfactory results? Well, you must understand here that you are not alone. A number of online store owners are rowing in the same boat. They are also facing a number of challenges in the ever-evolving business trends.

Small-scale online fashion store owners are among the hardest hit. They are having a hard time navigating through the cut-throat competition that big brands are giving them. To add insult to injury, Corona has disrupted the fashion retail businesses like never before. As physical stores are still shut in a number of places and demands for new apparels have plummeted with a majority of the population round the globe still confined indoors.

Now the question is - Can you do something for it? Fortunately, you can! But what and how? It is time you thought of an innovative way to bounce back. If you ask - Is there ‘really’ a way to it? Luckily, there is one. And that is an Online Product Designer Tool.

A ‘silver lining’ that can pull you back and give your sluggish business a ‘new’ life. Let’s understand the ways you can bring your online business back on tracks with an online product designer tool.

No Customization, No Thrill -

Gone are the days when customers would simply buy factory-made items available with fixed designs and patterns. Today, people have grown smarter and have an eye for creativity and innovation. They want to buy items with custom designs or texts of their items printed. They want the ‘freedom’ to customize whatever they buy as per their tastes or needs.

And how can you fulfill this desire of theirs? By letting them decide for themselves what they would buy rather than imposing what you think is profitable upon them. Or say, by offering them the ‘freedom’ to become the ‘creators’.

Confused how!? Well, though it is metaphorical, the reality is close for a fashion store.

Let’s break it down with an example. Consider one more thing. As summers have already set in, the demand for Tees is soaring. Second thing - amid a lockdown situation still prevalent in a number of countries worldwide and physical workplaces still shut, there would be hardly anyone who’d dress up formally with shirts tucked in formal trousers and ties around their necks when working remotely! Rather, they would generally prefer to slip in loose comfortable Tees and pajamas.

So, don’t you think you should hit the iron when it is hot? By integrating an online product designer tool - a t-shirt designer software to be more specific. With this designer tool added to your arsenal, you’ll be able to enable your customers the freedom to customize t-shirts the way they want. Ensure that your t-shirt designer software has got:

Text Features including custom font manager, customizable text and messages, etc.
Image Features including Image Editing Effects, Personal Image Upload, Image Resolution Warning, etc.
Clipart Manager including free clipart library, clipart customization, SVG support, etc.
Object Handler including object handlers, layer management, object grouping, and repositioning, etc.,
and more such cutting-edge features like to make it an ideal tool.

Ease of Keeping up with Market Trends

Trends are never consistent! What’s popular today becomes obsolete tomorrow. And when it comes to the fashion industry, trends are changing even more frequently! Hence, matching up your pace with the frequency of trend changes is indispensable.

Consider an example. Today, a variety of custom t-shirts are in demand in the wake of COVID-19. Fundraiser t-shirts for NGOs, motivational t-shirts, thanksgiving t-shirts, and more. As such t-shirts can’t be the same for all and will vary in terms of design and text purpose-wise and buyer-wise, their personalization is a must. And a product designer like a t-shirt design software can help you with that.

With such a designer tool, you can offer your customers full control over the design they want to create to print on their t-shirts as per their individual purposes or needs.

This way, you won’t only be able to give your customers a strong reason to come back to your store but also keep your business aligned with the latest trends throughout.

Benefit of Technology

Integrating an online t-shirt design software or any other product designer tool is the step towards integrating the latest technology into your business. If you want to expand your business further, you can also integrate other designer tools like shoe design software and others to offer a wide range of customizations.

There are also other ERP solutions like Print Job Manager and Inventory Manager and more that help you stay on top of your customers' experience even more efficiently. T-shirt design software or any other product designer tool combined with other productive ERP tools and add-ons make your business technically advanced.

As a result, your online fashion store becomes future-ready with the latest technology features in it.

Final Thoughts

Online stores - especially small-sized fashion store owners are facing hard times owing to tough competition and Corona impact. Integrating an online product designer tool like T-Shirt Design Software can not only help claim back their lost positions in the market but also make their stores technically advanced and sales-driven.

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Pratik Shah is Creative Head of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering custom product design software & Web-to-Print Storefront Solution.