As we all know how common online gaming are these days. They are played on internet via mobiles, computer console or various such appliances. Do you know realize the difference between traditional gaming vs online? Well, online gaming is the ability to play and communicate with other gamers online. There are various games available which may include Pubg, Fortnight, snakes & Ladder or other online cricket games. Many of you will be familiar with the more traditional gaming formats where you buy physical games for popular consoles, such as Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo, well they all have a great replacement now!

Different Types of Online Games:

There are many forms of online games which may differ from preferences. These range from free games or apps which can easily be downloaded on mobile phones to games that can be played on internet-enabled consoles, for example PlayStation or Xbox.

  • Web Games and Apps: These games can be played on the internet through specific websites, or certain apps that can be downloaded to mobile phones. This type of games include games played via social media services, for example via Facebook, which allow players to connect with friends.
  • Console Games: These are played via internet and entertainment consoles just like Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo. Consoles can also be connected to Tv’s as well.
  • Mobile Games: They are the simplest ways to play as just by downloading them for free on your phone. You can also play online cricket games and car racing which are the most commonly and widely played.
  • Handheld Games : Devices like iPads or Nintendo also host online gaming.

What Are The Risks of Online Gaming?

Well, there are many such games available which might not be good for your kids, and being their guardian/parent you must keep a check to see in which direction you kid is moving. Some online games may not be appropriate for your child according to their age as they may contain violent or sexual images. All online games come with an age recommendation. To prevent your child from accessing inappropriate games, ensure parental settings are active on your computers/consoles and check the age rating here on the games your child is accessing.

With games that involve multiplayer modes can pose serious risk to young adults, as they are prone to play games with people from anywhere in the world. Some of these games also allow the users to send messages to each other via text or audio modes. In such cases, young players are prone to experience abuse/harassment online from other gamers, particularly when emotions are high after a competitive game as players are exposed to inappropriate from of language from gamers.

To avoid these risks, ensure your child’s safety by encouraging them not to use real photos or full names defining their bio and iidentity completely. It’s also a good idea to let your child know how to speak to you if they feel uncomfortable or are not sure about something they have encountered while gaming. Make sure your child knows how to block a player who sends upsetting messages.

Tips For Parents To Keep A Check On Their Child’s Safety!

  • Check the age ratings of the games they are playing
  • Advise them not to share their personal information online
  • Ensure your child knows how to report or block other players who engage in online harassment
  • It is useful to agree time limits on gaming with their children to ensure their well-being as well as safety.
  • Use family safety settings to protect your child from discovering games which is not age/content appropriate.
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