Common dating places are movies dates and dinner dates. Thinking of different date places can be a dilemma. Explore exciting date places that are overlooked and ignored. Choose date places that are new adventures.

Date Places for the Active Daters:
• Air Balloon Ride
• Boating
• Bowling
• Bumper Car Driving
• Canoeing
• Casual Walks
• Gun Range – Target Practice
• Hiking
• Horseback Riding
• Ice Skating
• Jogging
• Mule Riding
• Roller Skating
• Sky Diving
• Scuba Diving
• Sky Diving
• Swimming
• Tennis

Dinner Dates
Common dating sites are restaurant dining. Couple dining is a great way for couples to get to know one another. It is a controlled setting but couples can have an indication if there is a comfort level. The restaurant experience can be extravagant at an expensive restaurant with wine and roses. There maybe a local small neighborhood restaurant with great food and atmosphere. Couples can explore their restaurant options

At Home Dining
Consider a lunch or dinner at home. You may have favorite unique recipes that will make an impression with your date. Think of playing soft music in the background, light the fireplace, scented candles are great and have a beautiful flower arrangement center piece. For the cook being at home maybe a confidence builder.

Play At Home Movies
After you’re wonderful at home dining experience considers watching your favorite rented movie. Check with your date and see what genre they enjoy. Consider current movies, classic movies or documentaries. Watch movies with soft drinks, bottle of wine and or popcorn.

Some would not recommend a movie date on the first or second date. Reason it is dark and there is no conversation. I do not agree. There is nothing like a first or second meaningful date seeing a great movie that you will always associate with that special person.

Tea Bistro and Coffee Shop
Great way to get to know on another over a cup of tea or coffee

Go Cruising
Hop in the car and drive along the coast or around quaint low traffic areas of the city or town. Sightsee in your city discover new memorable places.

Pack a picnic go to the beach of local park. After lunch you may want to just walk the beach or park.

Amusement Parks
You are never too old for an amusement park. Have a hot dog and soft drink and enjoy the rides.

Local Farmers Market
Local farmers markets are in local neighborhoods. Have a date at the local farmers market and shop the fresh fruits and vegetables together. Stop and have a soft drink, cup of coffee or tea. Nice casual way to get to know one another.

Local Art Galleries
Visit your local art gallery. Discover established and up and coming artist. Check for special exhibits it may include wine being serviced.

Local Museums
City art museums have a wide range of exhibits. Art museums explore Ancient art, Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionist, Pop art and contemporary art. The are Natural Science and Planetarium museums. Wide range of museums to explore or rediscover.

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