If you love him/her and he/she loves you then you will build on each other's strength and strengthen each other's weaknesses.

Love only leads to rewards; it may take time to grow-planted properly it will produce abundance.

Love is strong enough to defeat anything that comes against it; you can't defeat true love.

having love in a relationship without understanding and knowledge can sooner or later have you in love with each other but you will not be together.

love goes beyond feelings it causes you to forgive the things we consider unforgivable.

If you truly love someone you will learn to deal with understanding and patience.

Sending out your love doesn't mean you will always get it back. Some will despise you just because of who you are but keep sending it out they will come to shame one day speak love from your heart, not your lips.

love will cause you to work together for all of the goals in your life. You may not always feel love but when it is needed it shows up one-sided love can come with many days of tears giving love doesn't mean you will always get love.

Love should be in our heart to all men and when it is a part of us we can all become a part of each other.

There is much strength in love.

True love will bring us peace beyond anything we can imagine or go through, love is a great medicine that cures all things with the right dosage and time if the love of God dwells in you. you will forgive no matter what if you love someone you will suffer together until everything blows over.

After going through the test of time love will give you all things.

When a man and a woman fall in love it goes far beyond physical attraction, looks may not last forever but true love will.

Two people in love fight things out together no matter how strong the oppressor.

Being in love and loved by your mate is one of the greatest experiences we can have in this life when money fails, friends go away and family forsake when you look around, the one you love is still standing there saying we can make it.

We did it before we can do it again

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This article is penned by Eric Madison for the lovers. actually one-sided lovers. Who falls in one-sided love with someone who doesn't care about their feelings