Nayara Energy believes in effective and efficient supply chain management. We also believe in a cohesive ecosystem for caring and sharing resources with the industry.

We own and operate one of the largest Rail and Road Loading Terminal in India adjacent to our Vadinar Refinery. We have more than 58 supply locations spread across India catering to the need of auto fuels, sold through our retail networks. The supply location also fulfils the requirement of our industrial (B2B) customers.

We have recently commissioned state of the art Rail Fed Inland Depots at Wardha (Maharashtra) having bottom loading facilities with Vapour Recovery System, Solar Power Plant, etc. and are in process of adding similar facilities at few other places.

Nayara Energy has ensured economically & geographically feasible placement of its Vadinar Refinery.

Located on the west coast of India, Vadinar Refinery is the facility where all the refining production processes are carried out. Constituting approximately 8% of India refining capacity, Vadinar Refinery is India’s second-largest single-site, state of the art refinery.

It is one of the most modern and complex refineries (Nelson complexity index 11.8) in the world having businesses across the hydrocarbon value chain from refining to retail and is geared up to the vision of delivering crude to chemicals.

The refinery started commercial production on May 1, 2008, and is today India's second-largest single - location refinery, capable of handling a diverse range of crude - from sweet to sour and light to ultra-heavy.

The Refinery has an annual capacity of 20 million metric tonnes (MMT) or 405,000 barrels per day (BPD). It is capable of processing some of the toughest crudes and yet produces high-quality Euro IV and Euro VI grade products. We can now produce high-quality Bharat Stage (BS-VI) compliant fuels that meets the international standards, additionally bringing us closer to the global emission standards.

Due to its strategic geographical location, Vadinar is efficient in providing proximity to the Middle East and Africa and also facilitate access to high consumption domestic as well as the export market.

To expedite the logistics in supplying the product to any corner of the country, it is most important to have an efficiently operating rail & road loading terminal.

To ensure seamless supplies to our Retail and Industrial customers, Nayara Energy has engaged more than 4000 TTs through third parties. We aim to expand our Supplies and Distribution network through various synergies with the Oil Industry members, Indian Railways, Terminal Operators, etc. to improve overall logistics and HSE standards at par with International Standards.

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About Nayara Energy -

Nayara Energy is privately held downstream oil companies based in Mumbai, India encompassing refining, marketing, production & a network of over 5000 retail fuel outlets in India.

In August 2017, the largest oil and gas company in Russia and the world’s largest holder of hydrocarbon reserves and producer of hydrocarbon liquids, Rosneft bought a 49.13% stake, along with an investment consortium comprising of global commodity trading firm, Trafigura and Russia's investment fund United Capital Partners, in Essar Oil for a deal worth $12.9 billion.

They renamed the company to Nayara Energy, a term coined from Hindi word Naya (new) and Era in 2018.

The company is currently chaired by Tony Fountain, with Anand B acting as the CEO.