The present style dressing of mens fashion are the plain but stylish one-button suit.

After years of lasting the three-button suit for each time, the two-button standard finally found its way back into the fashion world.

At the moment, though, men around the world are confidently wearing the one-button suit jacket as a transformed sign of uprising.

In reality, the one-button suit is such an only one of its kind blend of fashion and approach that you may require to check your self-assurance level at the closet door before pulling it out.

A one-button suit overlaps the void among dressing up for job and wearing a tuxedo on those official nights.

The one button means stylish naughtiness in every sense of the statement, and can be sported on events that matches your pure cool side.

Here is our take on why one button suit is a must-have in mens fashion world!

One button suit are very much in fashion and are in fact the most versatile of all the suits. To be short, you can wear one button men’s suit and appear as stylish and charming!

They make you look precise and up to date and is appropriate for style as well as business purposes.

Here are a few tips on how to wear them:-

1. Try to opt for a pinstripe suit, as it elongates your body and make you seem taller.

It is also a great wardrobe staple to have!

Do take into account that vertical stripes do make you look taller, whilst horizontal stripes on the other hand, might make you look heavier.

2. All man should have one button dark navy suit to appear trim and stylish.

3. One button men’s suits are fitting for men with lean body structures and it provides a fashionable style and feelings to the wearer.

4. Match the suit with a different pair of pants. You do not have to stick to a same patterned pants, if it is being worn for a social occasion and not business.

5. As far as quantity of buttons goes its individual preference actually, but if you aren't getting your suits made to measure (which you should be) then you must pick the suit with the most excellent cut.

An important point to note is that you have to avoid from wearing one button suit over and over again as they might not have that same X-Factor you initially felt. Alternate, instead, with a 3 button suit or even a leather jacket for occasions. It is also significant that you take good care of your suit so that it will last for a long period of time.

Here are a few key points on how you can take good care of your suit:-

- Brush your suit with a cloth brush when you take it off to maintain it dirt free.

- If you can, hang it up on a good timber hanger.

- Keep away from stuffing your suits into a tiny wardrobe.

- Dry clean your suit only for a small number of times in a year.

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