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Call it the perils of the modern age, excessive exposure to social media, endless desires and goals, broken relationships or simply a rising apathy and detachment, the story is that, almost all of us feel frustrated most of the times with ourselves and our lives. We are depressed, edgy, sad, basically the whole gamut of emotions that comes with frustration.

While analyzing and finding out the causes of the overwhelming frustration, would involve some serious reading, and tracing back to the Jung and Freudian theories, getting out of frustration can be much simpler. Want to find out how? Read on.

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

The root of all our misery and woes is the constant comparison we subject ourselves to. For some reason, the measure of our success and worth persistently and constantly revolves around other’s achievements and failures. It’s strange how we have become so other-centric, rather than self-centric. To get over your frustration, just turn the compass inward. It really is that simple.

Stop comparing yourself to others. In fact, stop constantly monitoring other’s lives and actions. It’s not doing you any good, but only taking away precious time and energy, you could have used for productive work or self improvement. It does not matter that he has a better car than you, is at a higher position, or anything else. What matters is what are your goals and what steps are you taking to achieve them, every day. When you start focusing on yourself, you will organically start finding lesser time to stay frustrated, and more time putting yourself out there, doing things you want to do and simply feeling and being happier and more successful.

2. Be in Love with the Idea of Love

There are people, and then, there are people. Ever noticed how some people always have the biggest smiles on their faces, are up and ready for all challenges, and, barely ever complain about anything? Yes, these are the people you should become. These are the people who are magically, madly in love with the idea of love. They are the eternal optimists and romantics who will love a spouse just as passionately as they will love their work. They will find beauty in mundane things and fill the atmosphere around them with their positivity and romance. Love the music that you listen to. Delve deep into your favorite genre or musician’s works. Find things to charm you, and transport you to a happier place always.

Be exceptionally generous and sincere with your appreciation. If you love someone’s outfit, go ahead and say it. If you found someone’s rendition of poetry wonderful, praise it. Don’t hesitate to express affection, love, and fondness for things, people, or places. Say ‘I love you’ to people (you love) more often than you do. Shower yourself with some TLC. Be proud of yourself. Admire that piece of work you did so well, and give a pat on your back. Notice how lovely that yellow is looking on you. Take a minute to soak in your flawlessness.

When you are always falling In love with something or the other, will you really care or have the time to be pessimistic or frustrated?

3.Read, Think, Relive

You are never alone, when you have a book with you. This holds true as much today, as it was decades earlier when we didn’t have technology to keep us company. Frustration eats us up from within. Next time, when you feel helpless and frustrated, do this two-step procedure.

Write down the issues that are plaguing your mind in a journal. Then move on to read a book. I have found some self improvement books really helpful when I have been down in the dumps. These are books that contain pearls of wisdom within their pages. Take a minute to absorb what they are saying. Read and reread them. Have a dialogue with these books. Confront them, confide in them. Ponder and think over what they are saying. Be so intellectually engrossed in them that you forget your pain and anguish. You will gradually learn to relive the wit and courage of the characters. As you read of the paths and stories of others meandering in and out of struggles, and success, you will realize that failures are never permanent and anyone who managed to come out of it, did so with action, not frustration.

4. Laugh at Your Silliness

I have always believed that being silly is a large part of being happy. Someone wise once said, all of us have a fool within ourselves. Why is it that most of us try so hard to hide that fool within us? More than half the battle against frustration is won, when we stop wearing a cloak of wisdom, knowledge, and maturity all the time. Just let the silly little you, come out sometime. There is no need to hide it, infact embrace it, and laugh at it. You will be a lot less stressed out. So you spoke absolute gibberish in your first presentation? So? So what? You were the reason, a lot of bored, tired white collared workers could have a breath of fresh air and snigger through the long, tedious day. Go and have a laugh with them about what happened. Calm down and ask your superior if you could do the presentation once more. With the silliness done, dusted and accepted, you will be a much more confident presenter the next time.

The more you accept and laugh at your follies, the more likely you are to overcome them, as you will not be carrying the burden to hide and conceal. Get silly, laugh over it, be charming about your weaknesses, don’t get frustrated over them. Work towards a better you, but don’t forget, it’s all your quirks and silliness that makes you so distinctly you.

To Conclude,

Take our advice. Do the four things mentioned above, and slowly, but surely you will meet and discover a new you, one that refuses to get sad and frustrated, and chooses to be a happy, productive and cheerful person. So are you ready to win the battle against frustration?

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Korie Cantor has been working as a freelance writer for a long time. She has a diverse background in health, mobility and fitness. She loves sharing her opinions on the latest issues affecting women.