Day before yesterday I did an interview for Tom Anton's "Screw The Commute" entrepreneural podcast radio show which will be posted on Friday to iTunes, and just about every other podcast outlet you can think of.

Tom is a radio host who likes to have a bit of fun with his shows, and he and I mix it up a bit when he discusses his lack of success deer hunting and generally unfortunate outdoor experiences. We do get around to discussing my most recent business book, "Make Your Own Job: Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age," and how its readers can generate their own ideas and make those ideas into either small or large-scale businesses depending on their stage in life and inclinations.

Tom was literally blown away by all the things that I have done in my life, some of which we discussed, but others we never got around to more than mentioning. The general thrust of the interview was to "roll with the punches" and try different things as the opportunities present themselves. The greatest problems that most people have is coming up with a really good idea and the second is the fear of failure which can be so strong that no attempt is ever made to follow up on the idea.

We also briefly discussed my new novel, "Until Death Do You Part: An American Family Meets Their Sicilian Cousins," which is now available from Barnes&Nobels as an audio book and will soon be out in softcover.

You can go directly to the show by using the link,

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Wm. Hovey Smith is a Professional Geologist, author of more than 20 books on a variety of subjects, and an entrepreneur. He has also been a podcast radio host and enjoyed talking about business opportunities that can be formulated by anyone who needs to raise immediate cash or plan for a longer term result for which more training or experience might be necessary.