Ever since the economic collapse of 2008, mass media have been pounding the population with a picture of how difficult this economy is, how hard life is becoming, how things that were taken for granted, like owning a home and sending the kids to college, are largely no longer possible.

What's important to remember is that while statistics apply to groups, we are each one of us individuals. What determines whether we fall into the doomed herd or transcend the times is our subconscious expectation of what will happen. Influencing the subconscious can only be done through our conscious mind, by changing our focus to what we know is truly in store for us, from the world of perfection.

Spiritual teacher Mary Manin Morrissey says that when it comes to taking your life where you want it to go, “You can never get there. You have to come from it.” The feeling state of already being whom you dream to be is what paves your way there.

Keeping your eyes on your goal gets even more thrilling and challenging as you sadly watch others around you perish in fear. Just staying positive when things look bad is a huge contribution to the universe, sometimes it’s all you can do. It develops strength. Having fun can feel like a scandalous extravagance when others are in chaos, but it is also the seed of remedy.

If you can realize that you control your emotions by changing your thoughts, you can create anything. During a time of loss you need to know this in order to be happy:
NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WANTED WHAT YOU DIDN'T GET, YOUR HIGHER SELF KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED AND IS ALWAYS GIVING YOU THAT, DESPITE APPREANCES. Life is always seeking expansion through us and no matter how sad a situation may seem, it is always, always ultimately for our growth.

You can fall in love with your dream, as if it were a person. It can feed you life through foreclosures, financial failures, losing loves, hurricanes, earthquakes, and illness.

No matter what, you can have an OMG!, whip yourself into a tutti fruity hot blast, and feel good coming to you from any situation. If you've got cancer or lost your home, or dropped your keys on long a hike through deep snow, it is possible to feel excitement that there will be adventure in it.

If you start your day with an OMG! and drench yourself in the reality of your dreams, you can carry them forward and keep feeding your excitement throughout the day. And by this practice you are discharging powerful positive energy into a universe that notices, appreciates, and hands you back more of the same.

That's why spiritual orgasm is no joke. It's a life raft.

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Author's Bio: 

Gwendalyn Gilliam lives at Lake Tahoe where she co-owns the Aloha Skin Spa Tahoe, http://www.alohaskinspa.com.

Her two previous books are: Understanding Abusive Families, LexingtonBooks, 1980 with Dr. James Garbarino, and

Fatal Moments: The Tragedy of the Accidental Killer, LexingtonBooks, 1991.