A recent research reported that toxic chemicals were found in the fog along the California coast which was from the Pacific, and the toxic chemical mainly is monomethyl mercury, bringing a little concern while providing a lively view in this area. The problem is that such chemicals in the fog can’t pose any health issue to humans but they can accumulate in the environment then danger the whole living system.

Monomethyl mercury is originated from dimethyl mercury after a collection of reaction. About ten times higher dimethyl mercury content was found in the plants in such fog covered shore area. From the fog fact it can be deduced that other toxic chemical accumulation is in a same situation. A low degree of them won’t be harmful, but it’s hard to say that when the amount is deposited to a certain level.

The related departments are taking measures to decrease the mercury emission by human activities, with which a quick improvement will be the result. While how about other chemical pollutions? They exist even in the remote primitive districts like African Savannah where few human activities can be found but only with those of wild animals. Pollutions of chemical can still be traced in the animals there. Such places should be considered as the last pure land of earth; If they can’t be protected well, the whole world will stuck in a vicious circle.

It will be an advocacy in a worldwide scale for that earth is connected. The toxic chemicals in the California coast are much heavier than that in the other ocean part of USA, as much of them are drifted from Asian ocean areas where less attention is put into the water quality, then carrying with a wide negative influence. Ways out for the problem should be various but involving all parts including regulatory maker, chemical plants and researching organizations and effort of all countries.

All kinds of chemicals like industrial chemical compounds, drug chemicals, and agricultural chemicals should be better controlled to avoid pollution in their follow up stages after running their targeted functions. Replacing the potential toxic substances with safer one from the beginning will be of great significance and environment-friendly oriented drug design will help to decrease the drug contamination. In addition, new technology for environment protection and sustainable development are needed.

Only after recognition of the problems, can attention and effort be paid to provide solutions.

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