Thousands of years ago, through empirical observation and pattern recognition, adepts discovered select numbers such as 7, 9, 11, 22, and others symbolically possess a stronger link to other dimensions (i.e., the other side), thus are more mystical than other numbers. The realization that numbers symbolize personality and timing trends gave rise to the science of number mysticism.

Master Numbers, including 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, and 99, can be both mystical and mundane, typically relating to extraordinary circumstances.

Our findings show that, through comprehensive charting including hundreds of factors, everyone has at least some Master Numbers. Some people have a much higher than average amount of Master Numbers and are recognized as unusual in some way, positive or negative, relative to the average person.

Since this article is about introductory level numerology, it’s important to understand the concept of fadic addition: the year 1993, for example, yields the number 22 as follows: 1+9+9+3=22. The year 2020 yields 4 (2+0+2+0=4), but the number 2020 is similar enough to Master Number 22 to be considered a variation of it (though less potent), due to the zeros naturally being like Master Numbers. Just as 20 is a more potent vibration than 2 due to the zero, 2020 is a more potent vibration than 4.

Another thing to keep in mind is aside from the day of birth, such as the 22nd of January, the patterns in comprehensive numerology are comprised of every possible number and combination of numbers stemming from the full date, time, and location of birth.

For example, before getting into comprehensive charting, the date of birth January 22, 1993 includes, in this order, 1 (January, the first month), 22, and 22 (the year 1993). Or, to make it more simple, using the root numbers, 1, 4, and 4. From those three numbers, you can extract many factors to get an overview analysis, thus gain remarkable insight about the subject: 1+22=23, 22+22=44, 23+44=67, 1+22+22=45, 1-4=3, 4-4=0, and so on.

If the aforementioned information confuses you, don’t worry, that’s normal. Just like the novices of the mystery schools of antiquity, through selective guidance, trial and error, and relying on discipline and intuition, you eventually learn how to delineate personality and timing. Just as learning a foreign language takes time, it takes years to be able to consistently, successfully apply the languages of fate and personality, comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Focusing exclusively on the day of birth and full date total is a good start, since the day of birth tends to represent obvious talent, as does the full date total. Using the above example, January 22, 1993, those two indicators are 22 (22nd of January) and 9 (1+22+1993=2016=2+0+1+6=9). You can also utilize three easy to figure numerology predictive indicators, the Universal Year, Personal Year, and Nine-year Cycle.

Note: unless you are one of those rare, consistently psychic individuals (frequently they have a lot of 22, 11, 9, and, or 7 energy) who only need a handful of indicators to regularly identify character and timing, the best way to reliably get accurate results is through pattern recognition with comprehensive numerology and astrology.

Below we outline typical traits and concepts associated with the number 22.

1. Of all the single and double digit numbers, 22 has a distinct advantage in relation to being both grounded and connected to the higher planes. It can take care of mundane matters, yet also dream big and implement those plans like nobody else. If you had to choose one number to associate with the world’s largest skyscraper, the world’s largest bridge, and the largest superhighway, it would be 22. 22 is thinking big, and doing big. It’s also the strongest financial and material vibration. Great leaders, inventors, problem solvers, captains of industry, and influencers throughout history often had a lot of the number 22.

2. Frequently when we encounter an individual possessing a generous amount of the number 22, it’s a treat because they (similar with those who have a lot of 11) often relay messages from the other side, sometimes not even realizing they are doing it. They can see things that others can’t and have an unusual awareness. For example, you ask the person how they could possibly know specific details about one of your family members after only having known you for five minutes and they respond, “It’s like how you would remember something from years ago. The information just comes to me.” In other words, they psychically reach over to the other side and glean secret information as easily as if they were doing an Internet search.

3. With great talent, sometimes come challenges; the number 22 can symbolize brilliance, but commonly with at least some madness (sometimes mildly amusing, sometimes full blown insanity). Although it’s important to note that what society sometimes considers a mental disorder (e.g., psychic ability), may be better described as a misunderstood talent. Sympathy to them because it’s not easy being both a mundane creature and someone who is accessing the other side at the same time, sort of like simultaneously being awake and dreaming.

4. Those with a lot of the number 22 energy inspire others and people can feel their magnetism and charisma. Great personal power, unusual intelligence, and leadership are common, as are unusual approaches to problem solving.

5. Unconventional and quirky, yet wildly successful are commonly traits of the number 22. Cindy Lauper is a classic example of someone having heavy 22 energy, including the day of birth (6-22-1953). Her 1983 hit, “Time After Time” is considered by many to be timeless, another common trait of the number 22.

6. The inferiority they sometimes feel stems from having tremendous talent and not knowing how to apply it. Don’t let the over-blown ego fool you. Those with heavy 22 actually can back up their bluster with astonishing results.

7. The full potential of the 22 is difficult to manifest, and sometimes the subject is seen as a do-nothing or slacker until later in life; upon maturity the subject is finally able to capitalize on the power of the 22. When the patterns in the charts support it, the person will achieve great things.

8. On the dark side, 22 can symbolize powerful, international criminals. Master villains (in private enterprise or government), those involved in big schemes, frequently have a lot of the number 22. These are the types who usually pull the strings behind the scenes and avoid getting their hands dirty. They take a local strategy and make it international and are always ten steps ahead of everyone else.

Though successfully learning to apply the language of number symbolism demands time and discipline, even the most basic numerology can give you a fascinating glimpse into human character and timing.

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