Earning a degree in learning design and technology is the first step toward a lucrative, challenging and rewarding career in a variety of fields, including education, business, and marketing. With new, top-quality and well-respected programs being offered online, you can pursue a learning design and technology degree from the comfort of your own home.

*What is Learning Design and Technology?*

Learning design and technology is a crucial field of knowledge in our society. Experts in learning design and technology are responsible for sculpting education and curriculum programs across the country and around the world. They also find innovative ways to integrate effective learning models with modern technology, creating better methods for reaching and educating learners in a global, hi-tech society.

*What Can I Do With a Degree in Learning Design and Technology?*

Degree holders in learning design and technology have many career options. They often find work as curriculum designers, reviewers, and consultants for computer-based learning programs or they assist in managing educational programs.

Learning design and technology also has applications beyond education. Businesses use experts in this field to craft effective training, motivation, and workflow programs. Many marketable education, business, and software products require the input of learning and design experts.

*What are the Benefits of an Online Learning Design and Technology Program?*

Earning your degree online gives you the opportunity to gain the same skills, credentials, experience, and access to faculty that a traditional program offers. However, unlike an on-campus program, your online classes and projects can be personalized to fit your schedule.

With an online degree program, distance is irrelevant. This makes it ideal for students who live abroad, live far from campus, or simply cannot regularly commute. An added benefit of an online program is a wide diversity of students. The classroom literally spans the world, so a variety of ideas and experiences are inevitably introduced into the curriculum.

A quality online program differs very little from a campus-based program. The materials are not easier or less time-consuming and online students are held to the same rigorous and engaging standards as traditional students. Also, like a traditional program, financial aid is available for online students.

With access to leading researchers and faculty members, an online program provides the pedagogical and technological background you need to become a successful leader in the field of learning design and technology. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to design curricula and develop projects that will impact your resume and career tract for years to come.

Don’t let the inconveniences of the traditional, campus-based classroom bar you from enriching your life and career with a degree in learning design and technology. Take advantage of online learning programs and discover how you can earn your degree in learning design and technology from your home computer.

*About Purdue University*

Purdue’s reputation for innovation and discovery is an outgrowth of strong tradition and history. Founded as a land-grant school in 1869, Purdue University is known today for excellence and achievement in the fields of aerospace, engineering, technology, science, and math. Purdue was ranked 18th among all public universities by U.S. News & World Report in 2010, and a survey of corporate recruiters by the Wall Street Journal the same year ranked the University 4th in preparing students for the workforce.

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