Not Pregnant After 4 Months of Trying: What to Do If You Want To Get Pregnant

Today there are so many women struggling to fall pregnant (I know because I'm one of them) and so I've searched around for the best tips I know to help you speed up the process to having a baby. So keep reading so I can show you how to get pregnant fast.

Now I'm going to assume that you don't have any medical reasons why you can't conceive such as blocked tubes or endometriosis (if you are unsure it's worth getting checked out by your doctor).

But if you are like me and the doctors can't find anything wrong with you or your partner then here are some tips to help you conceive much faster.

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First off you need to make sure that you are as healthy as can be. That means eating good food, including lots of healthy fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. This goes for your partner as well - since you want to make sure that his sperm is also strong and healthy.

Next you need to do some exercise. I know, I hate exercise too - but just walking for half an hour day will help you to get pregnant fast because it increases your circulation. You need good circulation if you want all those reproductive hormones to function correctly.

Drinking water also helps increase your metabolism and circulation and can help balance your hormones.

Now that you are in good shape it's time to determine your ovulation day. I'm not going to go into too much detail about that here (if you have been trying to fall pregnant for any length of time I'm sure you know how to determine your ovulation day).

So now you need to have sex around your ovulation day including the day prior, the day of and the day after to make sure you catch that egg. Try and enjoy intercourse as studies have shown that women who have an easier time falling pregnant have a healthy and enjoyable sex life.

And finally just relax. I know, I hate it when people tell me to 'just relax' too - sometimes I want to just smack them, but stress hormones can interfere with fertility so try deep breathing, yoga or other relaxation techniques. At the very least it will keep you sane during this already stressful time.

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Are you trying to have a baby? There are many ways to get pregnant and give your body the best chance of conceiving. This article will go over some of the best ways you can increase your fertility and finally have that baby of your dreams.

The most common misconception when it comes to trying to get pregnant is that you must have intercourse on Day 14 to conceive a child. The reason for this myth is that the average day for someone to ovulate is on day 14; however it is just an average. You might ovulate later or earlier in your cycle and could be missing your peak day.

So your first step to getting pregnant is determining your ovulation day. You can do that in any number of ways, but the most popular are by charting your temperature, using ovulation predictor kits, saliva monitors, checking the position of your cervix or keeping track of your fertile cervical mucus. You can either do one method or two or three to find out your ovulation day.

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The next step is to make sure that your cervical fluid is plentiful as this is what the sperm uses to swim up the fallopian tubes to find the egg. You'll notice that your cervical fluid (cf) becomes wetter and slippery as you approach your ovulation day. The most fertile cf is said to resemble egg whites and be stretchy and clear.

You can increase the amount of fertile cervical fluid that you produce by drinking lots of water, as this is what your body uses to make it. There are other tricks to increase the amount too, like eat carrots and take evening primrose oil to improve its quality.

You should also try and conceive using positions that involve deep penetration as this deposits the sperm close to the cervix and so they have a better chance of reaching the egg (and don't have as far to swim).

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I sometimes hear from folks who are fully aware that they should attempt to conceive either before or after ovulation depending on which gender they are trying to conceive. Specifically, if you want a boy baby, it's best to conceive after ovulation. But, if you are trying for a girl, then you want to have sex before ovulation. So, determining exactly when you ovulate can be extremely important. However, some people are confused as to how they are supposed to know when they're ovulating and if these signs vary based on which gender they want. I heard from someone who said: "I'm trying for a boy baby. I know that I should have sex after ovulation, but how do I know when that's occurred?" There are various methods that people use to gauge ovulation. I have definite opinions as to how effective each method is, but I will go over them here and then discuss each one.

Attempting To See Patterns In Basal Body Temperature: This is an old fashioned method which has been around for years. In fact, many people learn this method from their mothers or grandmothers. This method is pretty straightforward. You begin taking your temperature first thing in the morning when your period starts. Then you chart your temperature each day. Ideally, you should chart it for a few months before you attempt to become pregnant so that you can see a pattern. Ovulation is said to occur when you see your temperature go up about.04 of a degree and remain there for a couple of days until ovulation ends. After ovulation is over, your temperature should return to normal levels. If you do this over the course of a few months, you might see that your ovulation occurs at similar times each month.

Stretching Cervical Mucus Observations: This is another relatively old fashioned method. With this method, instead of taking your temperature every day, you will look at your cervical mucus every day. The idea is that you extract some and then attempt to stretch it between your fingers. When you are not ovulating, it is said to be white in color and thick so that you could not stretch it at all. But once ovulation approaches, it becomes clear and stretchy, sort of like egg whites. And when ovulation occurs, you should be able to stretch it and extend your fingers.

A Combination Of The Above: Many people will use both of the above methods at the same time. Some will take their basal temperature in the morning and then attempt to gauge their cervical mucus when they shower. The hope is that they will see the rise in temperature at the same time as the mucus becomes opaque, clear and stretchy.

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Using Ovulation Predictors To Get Distinct Positives Or Negatives: If I am being honest, this is by far the method that I know to be the most reliable. The reason for this is that the results do not depend on the user's ability to interpret the data. There is a lot of room for error when you are trying to notice small changes. However, with ovulation predictors, there is usually either a very clear negative or positive result that doesn't require for you to observe or interpret very much. This leaves a much smaller margin of error. And accuracy is so important when just a few hours can make the difference between a boy or a girl baby.

The Method Are The Same Regardless Of Your Desired Gender. But Things Can Get Tricky When You're Trying For A Girl: Gauging your ovulation works in the same way regardless of if you are trying for a girl or a boy. Your body changes as it approaches ovulation and your body has no idea whether you will be trying for a boy or girl. However, where your desired baby gender comes into play is that it is easier to use these methods to determine when ovulation has occurred. And this is ideal for a boy baby. In other words, a positive result for any of the above is telling you that the conditions are ideal for a boy baby. It's desirable to have sex after ovulation when you want a boy. But, for a girl you need to pinpoint the days that lead up to ovulation. This can be tricky when you are using the basal temperature or the cervical mucus methods. Yes, it's sometimes possible to see very minute changes before ovulation occurs, but I believe this process is easier if you use a saliva ovulation predictor. However, if you have done any method for several months and are noticing that you're ovulating on the same day each month, then it becomes easier to predict ovulation ahead of time if you're trying for a daughter.

So to answer the question posed, regardless of which gender you want, then you will need to use some method to determine when your hormones rise in order to ready your body for ovulation. People do this in various ways including the above. The key is that no matter what method you use, you be very consistent in it. And it helps greatly if you give it a few months so you can pinpoint the patterns of your individual cycle.

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I often hear from folks who are trying to make the most out of their ovulation period by having sex multiple times on the same day to give him the best chance of actually conceiving. And many wonder what effect this practice may have on their baby's gender. I heard from a woman who said: "my husband and I want to get pregnant as soon as possible. I believe that I have just ovulated. So today, we have already had sex twice. We may do it again later this evening. I wonder if having so much sex all at once will have any affect on my baby's gender. And if it does, am I more likely to have a girl or boy baby?" I'll try to address these questions in the following article.

My Opinion On Frequent Sex And Your Baby's Gender Is That It Depends Upon The Circumstances On That Day: It's my opinion that having more sperm fighting for the egg doesn't have an effect on your baby's gender. Regardless of how much sperm is present (and how often it is deposited) the ratio always remains the same. Men have a ratio of about 50 percent boy sperm and about 50 percent girl sperm. This doesn't change if they have sex often or at a certain period of time. So, no matter how much sperm there is and how often it is occurring, if half of it is boy producing and half of it is girl producing, then you still have roughly equal odd of getting a boy or girl baby, unless there are different circumstances on the day you try to conceive, which I'll discuss now.

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Do You Know Exactly When You Ovulated As Well As Your PH At The Exact Time Of Intercourse: This woman thought that she had ovulated, but she didn't mention exactly when. Typically, having sex after ovulation (especially a day or two after) favors having a boy baby, while having sex before your ovulation favors a girl baby. It's also important for me to mention that many women assume ovulation at the wrong time. They'll think they ovulate a certain time after their period but they never actually bother to check. Many are surprised to find that they were wrong in their assumptions. That's why I strongly encourage you to actually test your ovulation if you are trying to choose your baby's gender. Because being off by even a few hours can make a difference. Assuming that this woman was right and ovulation had already occurred, this would make a boy baby slightly more likely.

However, if she also had an alkaline PH at the time she had sex, this would further favor a boy conception. You see, your PH at the time of sex (not on the day of sex, but at the exact time of sex) can also influence your baby's gender. An alkaline PH makes a boy more likely and an acidic one does just the opposite. This woman didn't have any idea what her vaginal environment might have been. If this isn't enough, the sexual positions that you use (and other whether the woman has an orgasm) can also affect baby gender.

So hopefully, this article has shown you that just having frequent sex does not really have an effect on your baby's gender UNLESS you are also having sex at the proper time as it relates to your actual ovulation, you are the right PH, and you are using the right sexual positions with or without the woman's orgasm, depending on which gender you want. But you don't need to worry that frequent sex will have an affect either way.

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