Noon Academy: social e-learning platform features and details

With the arrival of smartphones and related applications, education is not limited to the normal class environment. Students benefit from the place and time of their choice. The benefits of the e-learning platform are more visible during the pandemic coronavirus outbreak where the tutor and students do not have other options. In addition, this also creates more opportunities for companies to innovate in the segment. The Advanced Elearning application has become a bonus for people involved in the industry for several years. With an exclusive combination to involve online, features and teachers, applications such as the NOO Academy has become a disclosure in the learning segment.Looking for Educational app development like Noon Academy and wanting to know the cost of making an educational app in India? Keep reading below to know more.

About the  NOON Academy:

With the advent of several eLearning platforms facing the main Holidup is the participation of students in this live class. This problem is very completed by the Academy NOOO that offers free download opportunities and assists classes without increasing interest. This is an interactive learning class application that allows learning users involving various types of funny tests, useful learning content, audio / video lessons, and more. The noon Academy was founded by Mohammed Aldhalaan and Dr. Abdul-Aziz Al Saeed in 2013, with a simple interest to offer the ideal exam preparation site to focus on prospective personal coaching. The Afternoon Academy uses several data-driven experiments and becomes a comprehensive Elearning platform that offers some unparalleled benefits for students. They can choose to learn by themselves, or in groups or with their favorite friends while interacting with the best teachers on demand.

This single elearning platform provides free lessons with the 'Freemium' income model that allows all users to get free access to some basic content. This application collects users for direct classes with advanced classes and high class teachers. Noon Academy is a leading initial learning and increases social learning to the next level. This has changed the learning process in a fun way by offering a sense of collaboration, fun and very useful for users. Students can learn with their friends with a competitive and direct session with the main tutors and clean their doubts in a format that is easy to understand. This application focuses on helping students erase Saudi's general skill tests and the unique achievement tests of other players who meet the requirements of the Saudi National Evaluation Center (Qiyas).
Mohammed Ald, the co-founder and CEO of the Academy of Midi, said: "The biggest problem in learning is not about maintaining, but the nature of monotonous learning. This is an area where Noon Academy is superior to achievement of what competitors fail. It has been transformed into an open platform where the tutor around the world must have his teaching group. This allows them to have the original after their class, while obtaining additional income by offering the best learning That leads to positive comments. This will not only increase the impulse of the students, but they also motivate the tutors to help students with enthusiasm, this approach will improve the quality of education and it will make it more affordable for all corners of the world " .
Features and details of Noon Academy:

Collaboration groups:

Leave the boredom collaborating with your friends and learning in groups to increase interest and results.

First class tutors:

This application includes the best teachers around the world, while also from their respective schools.

Advanced assistants for e-learning:

Nobody Academy offers tutors of first class tools for learning. This includes a sophisticated video learning, audio lessons and updated content with collaborative learning.

Interactive sessions:

Users can participate in direct sessions, chat with their tutors and eliminate their doubts with their respective tutors. It will also allow students to interact with their colleagues to improve learning and improve their learning experience.

Friendly race with colleagues:

The noon offers students to board leaders who motivate children with friendly challenges, including online questionnaires, paper paper questions, etc.

An application for all classes:

Nobody Academy is a comprehensive e-learning platform for all types of values, including elementary schools, high schools and high schools. Noon Academy offers an impeccable eLearning platform that can be accessed online from your choice.

Collaborate with friends:

Noon Academy offers you student panels for online learning with an experienced combination of tutors and exams for all values. Complete all tasks by collaborating with your friends, in real-time, improving or sharing knowledge, posting your questions, etc.

Video / audio learning:

The application of Noon Academy helps tutors to explain lessons with first class videos and interactive sessions. Students get the best online learning through their respective tutors with constant exposure to the exercises involved.


The Academy of Nobody comes to Tutor made a test adapted for the students according to his learning schedule. This is useful so that they can be prepared properly for testing if any kind is lost in the process. There are also provisions for registered lessons that allow optimal revisions. It is uniquely of competitors by offering the best tools to practice several lessons that could be much more difficult for each student. High class guardians will design practical letters so that students review lessons and increase their knowledge organically.

Single application with exclusive learning:

Noon Academy is famous as the best tool for learning, with a comprehensive puddle of teachers for secondary education, and primary school in collaborative virtual classrooms. This application offers advanced tools for students and teachers to convert it to the best electronic learning platform with interesting features that promote reliable family training and online learning. 

Final Thoughts:

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