You know how you want more time and money? And what about slimming down or handling that bum knee of yours? You said you wanted to spend more quality time with those you care about, too.

To all of you who want to change something very important in your life, stop making excuses. I know life is busy and it’s challenging to make changes. I know sometimes you don’t see how it’s possible to get around those obvious obstacles. Still, there are no excuses.

You have got to carve out the headspace, quiet time and focus to get yourself headed in the right direction. It will only take you a fraction of the time that you think. It won’t be half as painful as your experience with not enough money, subpar health and relationships that feel difficult. I say do whatever you have to do to create some peace in your life.

Look, if you keep buying into your story about how it’s hard to get that important thing you want or hard to build a business, how can anyone support you? No matter what expertise you receive, or loving energy you are given, you won’t shift because you’ve already made up your mind that it’s hard.

C’mon! It’s hard sitting in your perspective. That’s all. If you shift your perspective you’ll begin to see time expand, you’ll take actions you’ve been resisting for eons and you’ll be happier. You’ll drop a load of pressure off your back. Yes, you’ll have to forgive yourself and others. Yes, you’ll have to stop seeing yourself as a victim of some circumstance. And you’ll have to be focused on where you want to be vs. where you are.

But hey, isn’t that worth making time in your schedule? What about starting out with a few minutes here and there to do the internal work? What if you hired someone to assist you with this important change? What if it was easier than you imagined?

No excuses. Take a small step today. You are MORE than ready.

What will you do?

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Jeanna Gabellini, is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs, corporate leaders & their teams to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. An entrepreneur for 20 years she has a treasure trove of kick-butt tools to give you peace & profits. A Gift For You! Get your complimentary Business Building Audio CD “Transforming from Chaotic Entrepreneur to Conscious Leader” for the entrepreneur who wants to be a SUPERpreneur:
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