When I want something, I immediately go into action to get what I want. I don’t do a bunch of research. I’m inspired and excited so I get my rear in gear.

This is not always the best way to be when choosing a new financial investment or choosing new strategies to build a business. I’ve been burned countless times because I didn’t stop to ask myself how the strategy fit into my plan. I also never took the time to research what it would take to fully utilize the strategy for success.

Over time I became skeptical of trying new systems, strategies and technologies in my business. I didn’t want to be that person who jumped on every new thing the experts promised would make me a million dollars … and wind up broke and disappointed.

As usual, swinging from one side of a perspective to another doesn’t solve your issues. I missed out on tons of awesome resources that my peers were using to uplevel their businesses. I made up a story that I wasn’t smart enough to implement those same strategies in a way that got rockstar results.

After many years, I decided I’d had enough of “New Strategy Phobia”.

Now when I hear a peer raving about something new they are using to improve their business, I ask questions. I ask about the cost to implement it, the statistics, their overall strategy and what was involved to create a system around it.

Some people try all the latest ‘whiz bang’ strategies and talk about how amazing it is BEFORE they get results. In the past, I listened to those people because it was verrrry easy for me to jump on board based on their enthusiasm.

Other people test their strategies before they brag. Those are the people I listen to now. And then I still do some research, ask how it fits into my plan and implement with care and attention.

Another important question: Am I willing to do what it takes to keep the strategy or system working well?

During my last launch I installed a chat feature on one of my sales pages. Once installed, we planned for success. Who would man the chat line? How would I know if someone wanted to chat? Who would teach me how to use it?

My team and I created a system to handle this feature. My manager figured out how it worked and gave me a quick tutorial. We decided that I’d man the chat line when I was not on calls and she’d do it when I was busy. I made a Post-it note to remind me to turn on the system when I walked into my office each morning.

The chat feature was directly responsible for over $10,000 in sales during my launch. And it was fun chatting with the potential customers! The system to implement this new feature was critical for my success.

I also tried another new strategy during my launch that scared the pants off me … Facebook ads! Several of my peers had been bragging about this for almost a year.

I immediately discounted it ...

It’ll cost too much money.
I’d have to figure out the ‘perfect’ ad.
How would I track the sales?
That’s for big-time marketers who have money to burn.
Seems complicated. Too much to learn.

My friend, Justin, was getting phenomenal results with Facebook and he offered to teach me his formula*. He does lots of testing before he shares his strategies. Guess what? I made almost $5,000 of pure profit my first week using it, from people not previously on my email list! Happy dance!

This is a strong nudge to try a new strategy in the next week. Do some research, make sure it’s aligned with your plan and have some fun. May the results surprise and delight you!

* Justin is sharing his findings on Facebook strategies on this COMPLIMENTARY webinar:

"The Facebook Ad Formula! 5 Simple Strategies to Fill Your Live and Virtual Programs Through Facebook Ads.”

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