{Connie Huebner facilities the presence of Divine Mother by putting her attention on the deepest level within her heart. She experiences the vibration of Divine Mother's name at the quiet inner most subtle level of life and is then able to have an intimate, inner conversation with Her. The following is an excerpt from the immense wisdom of Divine Mother on the topic of Earth and Change.}

I want you to get on with why you are here. Mother Earth is in a huge transition, huge, the biggest she has ever faced in her existence. The human race is moving through a huge transition also,the whole human brain is changing. It is changing to awaken all the latent abilities that human beings have but have never used. What is awakening it is Light, very refined Light, very subtle fluctuations of energy activating the human system in such a way that it wakes up to its true nature. But the human system needs an environment in which it can thrive, and the present environment on Earth is not appropriate for this new human system. So as the human beings are developing the new human system, the environment, the whole society, the whole culture of Mother Earth has to change. So that is the first step. That is why you are here. You have things to offer which can change the direction of this planet.

Many of you are already offering those. Many of you have not yet begun. You may feel a pull from inside to investigate something, to do something, to participate some where. Do it. By investigating and participating, the memories in your heart of what to do for the Earth will awaken. You all have gifts that you have brought here to use. They need to be awakened. It is like the packages are there but they just haven't been unwrapped. I am encouraging you to move with your subtle feelings into new areas or into investigating something more that perhaps you haven't investigated. Perhaps you have investigated but you haven't expanded the investigation. It is always important to keep expanding your investigation. Otherwise you get stuck, and when you get stuck you are bored. Then life is no fun.

You must keep expanding. So even if you are in a field that is very fulfilling to you, perhaps your gifts haven't fully been opened. Trust yourself. The small thinking mind is always saying, "I can't. I'm not good enough. I'm afraid. I don't want to. I'm too weak,” many, many excuses. Break the self-criticism and the excuses. They are ridiculous thoughts that are coming from a small ego that is terrified. Let go into your heart. The real you is in your heart and is not afraid. Trusting in your heart more than your mind will take you a long way. Trusting in your heart will open you to the Cosmic Mind, the Infinite Mind of God, and that is the Mind you are here to unite with, to use as your own.

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About Rev. Connie Huebner: Rev. Connie Huebner has dialogued with Divine Mother for over 25 years. She does not “channel.” Rather, within her heart, she engages Divine Mother in a conversation at the subtlest level of creation, which she then repeats to you. In this way, Connie can converse with any Divine Being. Her connection to the Infinite Source of Life is the basis upon which she receives messages. Connie goes to the fundamental source where we are all One, finds the Divine Mother, asks Her your questions, and receives your answers. She has also developed a set of vibrational healing tools that you can use to clear your blocks and connect directly to Divine Mother.