The word new means never having been before, and yet it is consistently used to indicate the repetition of things in our lives. Perhaps, we need to create a distinction for this word, and refer to it only when something is actually new to ourselves and each other.

This use of the word new to indicate something is new when it is not is the destruction of the word itself. Often, in today’s usage, the word new refers only to a different introduction of an old item or idea. The marketing world understands that people have the desire for something new, and they perpetuate the idea of newness while giving us the same old garbage. We've come to accept that new isn't really new, but just the same old dressed up in new clothes.

The heralding of a new consciousness coming to earth is a prophesy, or a glimpse by a few, of a time coming when we will enter into the Age of Aquarius or peace on earth. A new consciousness can manifest only when there is a transformation of self, which creates the holder of the new consciousness.

The root meaning of the word transform is to change in form and composition, an irrefutable action — one which cannot be undone. The meaning of the word transformation has been corrupted in our present vocabulary and used to mean change. For example, you can transform your body, your wardrobe, your kitchen, and on and on, the distinction being that these things are only change, given they can be changed back. So when I say that a new consciousness is born, it means that the old consciousness ceases to be, just as the pupa ceases to be when the butterfly emerges. You cannot change the butterfly back into a pupa. The transformation of consciousness, which will be entirely new, is the step we must take now if we are to adapt and survive on this planet.

Since the beginning of the planet, it has been survival of the fittest and the adaptation by whatever means necessary for a species to continue as a living organism. If the human species has survived by means of violent actions, we have reached the epitome of violence. In the present consciousness, we now have the ability to kill ourselves off and render the planet uninhabitable. We have little concern for other life forms or even our own. We kill, murder, and maim just for the sport of it and go to war over ideological ideas and belief. Will we adapt to a new way of living and transform ourselves, or will we continue down the path of destruction with archaic beliefs and greed?

As the human mind became more complex, it appears that we developed a habit of maintaining an illusionary world of thought. The ability to store and recall from our memories the things necessary for our survival did not seem to satisfy something within our growing brains, so we invented belief. It is this invented belief that ties us to the illusionary world and prevents anything new from actually occurring.

The ending of this illusionary world, the dream world, is the beginning of something new, a new consciousness, consciousness being the content of our way of being. Will we embrace this new thing that will save us from almost certain destruction, or will we continue to believe in gods and deities who will come and save us? That is a question that we need to ask of ourselves. Will we do what is necessary to save us, or will we just hope and pray?

Some people say there is nothing new under the sun, which effectively locks them into the place of believing there is “nothing new under the sun.” I was told by parents and brothers when I first discovered a new consciousness, that there was nothing new under the sun. I might have believed them if I had not experienced the actual newness of something that has not been before.

When I suggest there is a new consciousness born on our planet, this new is indeed new. Although, when people first hear it as new, it is viewed as a more recent offering of an old idea. The action of seeing it as old prevents the possibility of seeing the truth or falseness of the new consciousness. However, when an open minded person (if there is one) hears of a new consciousness, that person might look to see if it is indeed new. Then from the place of not knowing (the unknown), the newness of it can be seen. To these people who come from the unknown, to live in ecstasy is possible. Do you have an open mind?

Author's Bio: 

Edward is a Transformational Relationship Coach who has devoted the last thirty years of his life reaching out to people who are seriously considering the options before them. He has spoken to thousands of people from around the world about “Self-Transformation” and the possibility of life without violence. He passes along his message via in-person Workshops, Radio Programs and Interviews, Videos, an Internet Discussion room, and now in this book, A New Consciousness Born, You are the Source.