Did you know that Bitcoin Cash originates from Bitcoin? This cryptocurrency is a result of a ‘hard fork’ – a derivative of the original Bitcoin currency. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created to address the issue of Bitcoin’s block limit. Furthermore, it was also developed to solve some of the other problems that have arisen with Bitcoin – some people believed that the currency has strayed from Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision.
For all intents and purposes, Bitcoin Cash uses the same processes as Bitcoin. They both use blockchain technology and encrypted transactions. It is generally well-known that Bitcoin could serve as a potentially profitable investment. But what about Bitcoin Cash? Could this currency, as a hard fork of Bitcoin, also be a sound investment to add to your portfolio? As you will see below, this is indeed the case. In some instances, BCH could offer more in terms of ROI than Bitcoin. Read on to find out why you should buy Bitcoin Cash .

1. Bitcoin Cash already has a fantastic industry support

When Bitcoin was first released, it had little in the way of infrastructure and support. This was a new technology, relatively unknown in the world of business and finance. Bitcoin was built from scratch and had to go through a process of development and growth. It has taken an immense amount of effort and time to build the cryptocurrency to where it stands today.
As Bitcoin Cash effectively uses the Bitcoin technology, it has not suffered from the same development process. BCH has gained a head start and has hit the ground running. The infrastructure is in place; the network and currency have been developed; it uses a tried-and-tested process. Basically, Bitcoin Cash builds upon the success of the original Bitcoin and has none of its downsides.

2. Bitcoin Cash has a lot of dedicated followers

Most new cryptocurrencies have a rather small publicity during their initial release phase. They must work hard and use processes such as Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to gather funds and support. Although Bitcoin Cash was only released in August 2017 , it has already gained a huge number of supporters. At the moment, BCH has one of the strongest communities out of all cryptocurrencies.
Moreover, this currency is already accepted on many crypto exchanges including Coinbase, CEX.IO, Binance, Bitstamp, and Kraken. This means that regular people can purchase BCH and trade it freely against other currencies. Finally, BCH is also supported by a multitude of cryptocurrency wallet providers such as Bread, Jaxx, Copay, Exodus, and Trezor. Few other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP) have reached this kind of support in such a short period of time.

3. Bitcoin Cash benefits from extremely low transaction fees

One of the major selling points of any cryptocurrency is its low transaction fees in comparison to fiat money. BTC has set the goalposts with its next-to-nothing transaction fees, but Bitcoin Cash’s fees are much lower due to the larger blocks of 32 MB.
Let us take a look at some of the transaction fees of the major cryptocurrencies:
● Bitcoin (BTC): $0.573
● Bitcoin Cash (BCH): $0.008
● XRP: $0.0004
● Litecoin: $0.0511
● Dash: $0.0894
● Ethereum: $0.274
As you can see, aside from XRP, Bitcoin Cash has the lowest transaction fees. This fact really gives BCH an advantage over other cryptocurrencies.

4. In a short period of time, BCH has already amassed a huge market value

The market value cap is a great indicator of the success. The higher the total value is, the stronger and more stable the currency looks. Although Bitcoin Cash has only been out for around one year, there is already an immense market cap. This points towards a steady growth and a consistent circulation of BCH in the market.
Let’s look at a comparison of the market cap of some of the major cryptocurrencies:
● Bitcoin (BTC): $112,090,530,346
● Ethereum: $23,360,035,266
● XRP: $11,514,896,526
● Bitcoin Cash (BCH): $8,869,862,658
● Litecoin: $3,270,781,753
● Dash: $1,446,752,288
Bitcoin Cash is ranked 4th in terms of total market value among 1,900 various altcoins.

5. BCH benefits from consistent upgrades and improvements

BCH has already undergone several network upgrades such as the upgrade on May 15 that allowed users to fit more information within a single block, which, in turn, improved the transaction process. These upgrades show that developers are actively working on BCH and trying to improve its usage for the public. If you are looking for a long-term investment, then you want to be sure that the currency will simply not stagnate and regress whilst others around it push forward with new technological developments.

To sum it up

Like any other crypto out there, Bitcoin Cash has its own pros and cons. Certainly, no one can predict the way BCH will be progressing further, and just as well nobody is to guarantee that it will bring you insane profits in the near future.
However, diversifying your investment portfolio with a healthy dose of crypto has always been a sound strategy. You could complement your stocks and shares with an injection of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. that may add a long-term potential to your portfolio.

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