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The next sentence you are about to read can make creating prosperity and manifesting what you want exponentially easier - if you take it to heart. Let's dive in.

“Everything in this world is nothing more than the result of a movement in God, which is a motion in your wonderful imagination.” – Neville Goddard

The physical world we live in, according to Neville Goddard th manifesting mentor of Wayne Dyer, is the shadow that follows movement in God, which is your own wonderful human imagination.   

You can easily prove to yourself that your imagination creates change in this physical universe that each and every one of us deserves to fully prosper in.

If you see a pizza commercial, and imagine how yummy eating pizza would be – your body – which is part of the universe – responds.

You might find yourself making or ordering a pizza. Or you might find yourself suddenly hungry and looking for a snack, but one thing for sure - your imagination took what you saw in that commercial and moved your body into action.

Next. I want you to imagine how wonderful you felt last time you talked with a special someone – to the point where there is a “movement” inside – your body will reach for the phone, just to say hi.

Now you might be tempted to think so what, this has nothing to do with prosperity and manifesting but wait...

This is the most BASIC level of how the imaginal world leads the physical world.   And if you notice how easy that basic level is for you already and how you do it all day long – it makes the Feel It Real methods of Neville Goddard much more easy to use.

But why is it that not all “imaginal acts” create change?

Let’s see what Neville has to say.

“The slightest imaginal act that is a change (I don’t mean just an act, for you can imagine things you don’t believe), but if you imagine something you believe IS a change, a thrill is sent through divine being. At that moment you have actually entered another state and made it alive and real in your world!” – Neville Goddard

Neville gives us a POWERFUL insight here that most people read past and miss. The key is to REALIZE that if you believe that THE CHANGE happened IN the imaginal act – it is AT THAT POINT made alive and real in your world.

Then “the shadow” world gets to catch up.   So today’s Almost Missing Master key to manifesting effectively is this:

“Do you believe that THE CHANGE happened ALREADY in the imaginal act? (or do you believe (hope) that “the change” WILL happen in the physical world?)

Knowing the change happened in the imaginal world, because you FULLY felt it real and know the power of the human imagination - unleashes the miracles to flow into your life.

So stop chasing after the “next new manifesting game or gadget or gizmo” and use what’s been time tested and proven.   Manifesting tricks can be great fun.  Manifesting TECHNIQUES that are time tested – will change your world – big time.

You deserve success, and that’s why we are  here.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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