When the hard times find you, where do you find yourself? Reaching out to your best friend, someone you trust? Sitting on a sandy beach in the moonlight with nothing but the sound of your thoughts? On an afternoon drive with no destination besides the hope of clarity? Or maybe on your knees seeking salvation?

Good news? You're never alone. Bad news? You have to accept that. I never used to ask for help. I was full of a mixture of pride and fear. I was afraid that if I admitted out loud that I needed aid, that somehow that would label me a failure. As a child I spent a majority of my time isolated; into my adulthood I fell into a pattern of life that isolated me even further. Once I broke that pattern I was still consumed with the 'I can do everything by myself" mentality. Now I stand in front of you praising the fact that I threw my pride in the recycle bin and fell on my knees and asked for the mercy and grace of help. Ironically once I did I achieved more than I ever thought possible.

Today a milestone was reached in my life; through the power of friendship, prayer, and belief. I took a leap of faith and reached a hand out, and not only was it met, but it was met with out contingency and with no labels. In fact, it fueled me further - gave me more strength, determination, and the power to venture forward ... in whatever avenue I was about to take.

Life is hard. That is not in question. If it wasn't it would be too easy and not worth the journey; the end result would always be the same and it would not feel worth it. You may feel like you fall backwards, like no one hears you, like you are down to your last breath and want to scream ....

If you remain silent, you will struggle alone. If you scream, the troops will rally and you will proceed with a weight of support behind you ... ready to stand at your side against whatever life brings your way.

Today the choice is yours to make: Do you want to continue alone? Or trust that you are never alone … it’s just a matter of when you are willing to accept that … and welcome the support in your life. Again, life is not easy, but shared with those around you, and it sure is worth the blood, sweat, and tears that sometimes accompany. And better yet, they will share in all your joy as well.

So fill your lungs, put down your barriers, and welcome the acceptance ... its waiting to deliver.

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Chrissy L. Kohler is the author and creator of Plan B, Life's Discussion, an independent website designed to encourage personal growth, and fulfillment in life. To see more of her writings, and to sign up for her email distribution, please http://www.lifesdiscussion.blogspot.com/