I'm able to get up from my bed today...Thank you Jesus!
My closet is full of nice clothes...Praise you God!
My shower has hot water to invigorate me into my morning schedule...God you are good!
My kitchen table is adorned with a wonderful breakfast...Thank you Jehovah Jireh!
I've had money to keep gas in both my vehicles and their both running well...A Blessing from you Lord!
My travel to work today was safe...Only by your hand Father!
My legs and feet enable be to walk many miles daily and to climb ladders repeatedly...By your power Holy Spirit!
Lord you give me the chance daily to share your greatness and offer prayer for your children...Thank you Lord for touching hearts through anything I do or say that glorifies your name!
I'm able to sit and eat my lunch that you Blessed me with and you give me this time to rest my eyes and body...Praise you Father for this alloted time!
Upon leaving work you protect me on my drive home...You and you alone Dear God are the reason I arrive safely!
When I arrive home you've Blessed me with a wonderful wife who has washed, dried and folded my clothes and then fixes my supper that you've Blessed us with...We're continually Blessed with provisions and a nice home, thank you kind and loving Father!

As I watch the evening news and all the terrible things happening in this world...My Blessings this day have been counted and my offer of Praise is given!
When I read my Bible and other books about you Lord...I pray that you continue to speak to my heart and that everything I pray and write gives you honor!
As I turn off the light by my bed...Forgive me Dear God for any murmuring this day, thank you for your attentive ear to prayers for loved ones for Salvation, deliverance and healing.

Father as I lay down to sleep tonight I have the peace and contentment in my heart that I know for whom I exist and by your hand are my Blessings given.

Regardless of any bad or good in this day I thank you Dear God for another day of life, a day to try and get it right, to possibly touch someone's life with what you have put on my heart and to offer up a prayer of Thanksgiving. God you are good, you are kind, faithful and just. I'm very happy that you love me and...You're God!!

Author's Bio: 

64 year old male living with wife Linda in Virginia Beach, Va. Former Naval Reserve Vietnam Veteran served aboard USS America. Import manager for two different Customs House Brokerage firms. Route salesman, Delivery driver and Target logistics team member. Authored two Christian books. Own website neuropathynick.com and blog author-randolph-alvis.blogspot.com