Overwhelm is something everyone faces at one time or another. When things seem like they are insurmountable, what do you do?

I was at Bridesworld Expo talking with hundreds of brides to be, their mothers, sisters, bridesmaids and husbands to be. It was very interesting to observe how everyone reacted to getting what you want and “How to Get What You Want from Your Man Anytime!” Most of the young brides smiled and said I already am getting what I want. The older brides stopped to chat about what it means. We talked about a strategy for back up when challenges occur. Many of the brides were interested for their mothers and others. The brides were concerned that they were leaving their single mom’s to be alone. The single mother’s that I spoke to were hesitant to even think about what could happen in their life now that they would have one.

The one thing that is true about relationships is challenge. There will be challenges and if you do not have a strategy in place to support you, disaster can be the result.
If, however, you have learned a strategy that works and use it daily in your life with little challenges, when a big one arises, you know what to do first and second and later. Getting what you want is a company that I started to educate others with the strategy that I have discovered works in all critical situations.

I personally have used the strategy. One example was when my house burned down and I lost everything I owned except my car. Magically within one day, I found a house to rent less than one mile from my home that was almost identical and allowed me to recover from the trauma. The whole ordeal took three years, but one step at a time, in little pieces, I was able to rebuild my home and return.

So what does it take to face an overwhelming task?

The first step is to define what it is that you are undertaking. Then, break it into manageable steps. Write them down and start with the easiest smallest step that will make the most difference. Identify what the most critical step forward is.

Sometimes even that is overwhelming. So, here is a suggestion, start with a tolerations list. Write down every little thing in your life that you are tolerating. Start with the little things like burnt out light bulbs and finish with the major upsets in your life. This is not to make you feel bad. It is actually freeing to write them all down. It gets all of that negativity out of your head. Then from the tolerations list you can identify a direction that you want to go. Create some goals and then break them down into manageable bite size pieces. Remember the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

If having a relationship is one of the things on your list, I can help. If it has been a long time since you had a significant other in your life, Romance Reentry is one answer.

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