Just answer this simple question: “How can I help you?”

Networking is the science of connecting with other people to advance your agenda. What do you want more of? Sales leads, resource contacts, job offers? You can get those results from networking - if you do it wisely.

Be honest with yourself. The only reason you network is because you want something from others. There is nothing wrong with that. So don't feel guilty if that is your purpose in networking. If fact you should feel dumb if your purpose is otherwise.

If you are a savvy networker you already know that in order to get something from others you must first give something to them. The essence of networking is giving. If you give to others, some of them will give to you. It's not an equal equation but it can be worthwhile if you do it persistently and purposefully.

If you understand and respect that unequal equation you can be a profitable networker. Give leads, tips and advice to others freely without expecting a repayment for every conversation.

But - don't be afraid to ask for what you want in return. Don't be shy - or pretend to be humble when you get the question that you most want to here.

“How can I help you?”

What is the best question that anyone can ask you? What is the one networking question that you must be well prepared to answer at anytime with confidence and conviction? What is the one question that if you answer wrong you have blown your networking opportunities?

How can I help you?

When someone asks you that question they are trying to help you. They are waiting for your answer. They want a serious answer. The door of opportunity has just opened for you - don't blow it.

This is the most important networking question that you can be asked. Don't wing it. Don't pretend to be humble and brush it off. Don't say, “I'll get back to you later.”

Strike when the opportunity is hot. Tell that person exactly how they can help you. Deliver a succinct statement that paints a clear picture of how they can help you. Don't confuse them. Don't annoy them. Don't belittle their question.

“Thank you for your offer. You can help me by connecting me with business owners who operate in a competitive market and want to gain an unfair advantage over the competition. That's what I do. Who can you think of right now that might be in that position?”

Always smile confidently after you deliver your statement, pause and wait for them to speak.

If you want to be connected with someone - describe that someone as specific as you can. What business are they in? What is their pain? What do they look like? What do they feel? How can you help them?

If you want to get more from your networking than be well prepared to answer the question, “How can I help you?”

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