This is the time of year when there seems to be so many events. There are events to attend for professionals in private practice. The Corporate community has numerous events before they go into their next year budget mode. Entrepreneurs have a wide range of events to select from, ranging in subjects from website creation and optimization, to the mindset of the entrepreneur. One common theme for you is to bring with you all of your networking skills and techniques we have been discussing in the last few articles.

When you are attending events you must have your message clear and in focus. Put yourself in the place of the other person. There might be 100 people, 200 people or more attending the event. How will what you say be memorable enough so that each person will in some way recall who you are when you follow up with them?

Recall the methods of networking principles, it is NOT about you – it is about them.
Ask how you might help them or WHO would be their ideal client? Make the initial connection open and warm. Engage the person you meet each time to share their story first. Intend to follow up with each and every person after the event, and do so.

One item to consider is your brand and marketing. A person just beginning their business may not have as great an issue here. As you become more established, your marketing message, your branding, your website and how you speak about your business, all needs to have a commonality and a strong thread of connection. Any disconnection along this path will create confusion. A confused mind does not buy. A confused mind does not connect.

The best part of all of this networking is that if you are concerned about it or fearful in any way, you are likely in good company! The person you are speaking with and everyone else knows this is a time for networking. The one difference will be some folks understand how to network effectively and other folks just don’t have a clue. It is my hope that you have the necessary tips and techniques now to be a great networker.

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