Httpmarketing is the leading SEO agency in the Netherlands. Very experienced in on-page and of page search engine optimization.

For most companies, it is becoming increasingly important to be findable in Google on there products or services.

All students on universities all over the world will see the importance to learn something about internet marketing when they graduate and start there own business.

We provide a webinar every month for all University Master students in English and Dutch for our local audience in the Netherlands. You can take our SEO service Nederland & visit our agency website.

The basic and advanced webinar, online e-learning course for beginners and more experienced attendees.

Search engine optimization has some important starting points to score well with search engines. Firstly the website structure, performance, visibility and not at least the quality of the content ( Images, Video's, textual content ).

Secondly, link building is essential to increase popularity and appreciation. Every backlink/link gives a so-called link juice metrics score as to be seen as valuable for the main website.

Link building is a permanent process that must be carried out in a safe white hat manner by means of organic backlinks so that a website gets a penalty or even worse to get a Google banned.

Google algorithm changed many times a year, most of them are tiny Changement but few times a year there some major updates.

One of the most important SERP factors is the Ahrefs DR domain rating score. This is the strength of all your backlinks. How is DR domain ranking is calculated? According to Ahrefs’ own website:

To put things simply, we calculate the DR of a given website the following way: Look at how many unique domains have at least 1 dofollow link to the target website! Take into account the DR values of those linking domains! Take into account how many unique domains each of those websites link to your site. Apply some math and coding magic to calculate raw DR scores.

Plot these scores on a 0–100 metrics scale. Pay attention that this is dynamic in nature and will stretch over time.

Our SEO experts constantly monitoring all Changement by Majestics, Ahrefs, Moz en natural Google. We have partners and Cliënts all over the world meaning Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and de US. The main office is in Europe (The Netherlands).

Any company can hire our online marketing experts to boost your Google ranking or Ad campaign in other online media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another social platform. Visit our site for contact details.

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