A healthy indoor environment helps you to feel comfortable, impacting your productivity and ability to concentrate on work. When it comes to home, a lot goes around – things need to be under control. From finding a notebook to your phone, keeping track of things can be a hectic task. Thanks to Netatmo and their healthy home coach monitors that can keep a check-in of every room from your phone. It is a leading smart home company creating simple, beautiful smart solutions for a safer and more comfortable home. It also monitors indoor air quality with its devices and accessories giving one visible access at every corner of one’s house. So, build your smart home with Netatmo.

To find more about it, an interview was held between Insights Success a Best Business Magazine and Netatmo that answers all the questions on the smart home industry, making life easier.

Give us a brief overview of Netatmo, its mission, and the key aspects of its strong foothold in the Consumer Electronics industry.

Netatmo is a leading smart home company that creates simple and smart products for a safer, more comfortable home.

To date, Netatmo has launched 13 smart home devices and accessories. Helpful and easy to use, these products make everyone’s daily life easier while improving well-being at home.
In addition to its consumer product lines, the company collaborates with key leaders of the building industry through its “with Netatmo” program to develop smart solutions that integrate into the home’s infrastructure.

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