Nepal is a country which is dominated by the mighty Himalayas. In fact the highest peak on the planet, the Mt. Everest is present in this country. It is thus most appropriate for Nepal to be home to innumerable hiking and trekking trails of varying degrees of intensity. In fact the Nepal Everest base camp trek is by far the most popular and sought after treks in Nepal since even reaching the Everest base camp is considered to be a remarkable achievement.Read more about Top Six Treks in Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal, as a whole, is a challenging but extremely rewarding adventure sport. In fact the Mt. Everest trails are physically very demanding since they start higher up in the Himalayas. On the other hand the Mt. Annapurna treks are not as demanding since they are all situated in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. Hence choosing the correct route needs to be done after careful deliberation. There are two things that need to be taken into account when choosing a trial to trek in Nepal. They are:

• The physical condition and tenacity of the trekker and

• The intensity of challenges offered by the trails.

For intense trails the physical fitness of the trekker is of great importance since even a Nepal base camp trek can be physically very taxing and a test of the physical endurance of a person. Thus only seasoned mountain climbers with quite a bit of wholesome mountaineering experience should opt for these trails.

On the other hand, Nepal also boasts of numerous trails of moderate intensity which can be taken up and successfully completed by both beginners and amateurs. These trails are filled with ever-changing scenic beauty, the likes of which are rarely witnessed elsewhere. Some of the popular Nepal trekking tours include:

• The Annapurna trek: This is a challenging trek which actually starts off from Pokhara and passes through alpine meadows, dramatic glaciers, inspiring vistas of mountains and quint isolated yet friendly villages. This is one trail which encompasses a number of travel styles like hiking and trekking, kayaking and rafting etc.

• The Annapurna circuit: This is a trek ideal for small groups with a passion to see the extravaganza of the rhododendron forests, explore the isolation of the hamlets present on the route and soak in the atmosphere of the numerous mountain villages present. This is a challenging circuit which travels around one of the highest peaks in the world but is also extremely rewarding with its breath-taking landscapes, beautiful temples and serene monasteries. Offering a fascinating glimpse of the traditional village life of Nepal, this tour is truly an experience worth cherishing.

An extremely challenging trek that is also very popular with serious mountaineers is the Nepal Everest base camp trek. In fact this route is often said to be the "steps to heaven" because of the innumerable photographic opportunities that every bend of the trail provides. Beautiful Sherpa villages and glacial moraines dot the entire route. But the route is also extremely challenging and causes many an experienced trekker to break into cold sweat. Hence this route should only be chosen if the trekker is actually able to take up the challenges and rigours of the trip.

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