Innovation is not an option anymore; it has become a necessity. Today, every complex problem needs a novel approach. Nehal Mehta has exemplified this notion through her venture Rainbow Secure. She has addressed the growing concern of cybercrime in an unconventional way. She is removing the security stress of users and making the human factor, a power factor.

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About Her Innovation

Rainbow Secure is a future-ready suite of solutions aimed at reducing cyber-attacks, cyber frauds, data breaches, business risks, and technology liabilities of a business and keeping business. It is adding millions of colors and 100+ styles, so that password, Zero-trust Login, Multi-factor, Single Sign On, Identity Security can become powerful and eradicate the current challenges of cyber-crimes. This idea was the foundation of Rainbow Secure.

Providing Essential Resources to Women Entrepreneurs

Reflecting on her own journey, Nehal has one piece of advice for emerging entrepreneurs; believe in your idea and validate it. In the long run, Nehal wants to be a part of the FinTech world. With her robust platform and cutting-edge solutions, she wants to help FinTech solution providers, government institutions, and Fortune 500 companies win the race against cyber-attacks. In a nutshell, she aspires to be a cybersecurity leader in future applications security.

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