People across the globe rely on pharmaceutical companies and trust them blindly. This is simply because they feel the products they are buying are made with care and have undergone the regulatory approvals. It is our duty as responsible citizens to verify if the pharma manufacturers are following the set parameters.

Pharma products are made up of a wide range of chemicals which if combined in wrong proportion can act as a threat to somebody’s life. There are many International organizations including FDA, MCH, EMDA etc under which pharma companies need to register themselves. These organizations give regulatory approvals to manufacturers only after a thorough quality check.
They see to it that right from the processing to testing and packaging every process is undertaken in a proper manner. Assume a pharma company is launching a new formulation to treat common cold, before they invite people to buy it the regulatory bodies will check its chemical formulation and give it’s nod. Even a slightest doubt in the minds of the inspectors can result in the product being declared misfit and unsafe for consumption. Manufacturers following the laid guidelines however will hardly face such rejections.

It is mandatory for every pharma company to get a regulatory approval for every product it produces as only then it would be considered safe for use in advised quantity. Thus it is the duty of users as well to check for these minute but highly important details. Such information is often clearly stated on the packaging material or on the company website. These rules may look highly quality specific and may involve long procedures, in the end these are for the good of the masses. There are some pharma companies in India that are serving people since many years and have managed to gain a good reputation in the minds of the users, regulatory approvals want to make sure not a few but every manufacturer attains this level.

Every pharmaceutical manufacturer has the expertise to produce the products and if they there is no such proof they just cannot be trusted. There are companies who comply with all the norms set and also have regular checks to make sure their end users are never at risk. Make sure next time when you pick up a pill from your chemist you know its manufacturer and the organizations it is affiliated with.

The regulatory approvals are given to avoid any possible accident as the risk involved is high. A pharma company without any authorized approvals is just like any other tom, dick and harry giving you free advice. You are always free to take advice or trash it, same is the case with pharmaceuticals.

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Regulatory approvals become a necessary part of pharmaceutical companies to avoid any possible accident.