Have you felt that you can not compete with other players lately? Because a lot of people are trying to figure out what’s the best power forward build in NBA 2K21. However, they upgrade and practice their pf build in order to improve their skills. Today, we bring you NBA 2K21 best power forward (PF)build that could help you hit 99 overall, grind the first legend.  An overpowered all-around thread build created by Lamonsta that helps you green more. Fast to get NBA 2K21 MT to strengthen your team.

NBA 2K21 Best Power Forward Build - Overpowered All-Around Thread PG Build On 2K21

1. Body Settings

Height: 6’7’’

Weight: 240lbs

Wingspan: 7’2”

Body Shape: Burly

Position: Power Forward

2. Attributes

Starting with 93 driving layup and 95 driving dunk in finishing attribute, which gives you any badges you want. For shooting, free throw is for pro-am players, only 92 mid-range shot and three-point shot will get you 10 badges points. For shooting badges all you need is gold three deep three and hot zone hunter so that 10 badges points are enough for you to shoot consistently. The key point of this overpowered NBA 2K21 power forward build is 90 interior defense which is decreasing chances of getting dunked on. Interior defense and block are the two main components to stopping you from dunked on. In the end, you will get 13 finishing badges, 10 shooting badges, 21 playmaking badges, 25 defense and rebounding badges.


     Close shot: 25-25

     Driving layup: 25-93

     Driving dunk: 25-95

     Standing dunk: 25-76

     Post control: 25-25


     Mid-range shot: 25-92

     Three-point shot: 25-86

     Free throw: 25-25


      Pass accuracy: 25-81

      Ball handle: 25-83

      Speed with ball: 25-81


      Interior defense: 25-90

      Perimeter defense: 25-95

      Steal: 25-25       

Block: 25-89

       Offensive rebound: 25-70

       Defensive rebound: 25-92


       Speed: 25-82

       Acceleration: 25-78

       Strength: 25-68

       Vertical: 25-75

       Stamina: 25-95

 3. Takeovers

Primary: Spot-Up Precision

Secondary: Stuff Blocks

4. ALL-Around Threat

Shades of

Julius Randle

Pascal Siakam

John Collins

5۔ Badges

Badges are very important for making the best NBA 2K21 power forward build. For finishing badges, posterizer is the badge you must have. Shooting badges gold deep threes and hof hot zone hunter are the only two things you need that helps you green.

Finishing badges: Posterizer (HOF), Lob City Finisher (Bronze), Heat Seeker (HOF), Slithery Finisher (HOF)

Shooting badges: Hot Shot (gold), Hot Zone Hunter (HOF), Deep Threes(Gold), Playmaking badges: Unpluckable (HOF), Ankle Breaker (Gold), Bullet Passer (Bronze), Dimer (HOF), Handles For Days (HOF), Bail Out (Bronze), Quick First Step (HOF)

Defensive & Rebounding badges: Clamps (HOF), Pick Dodger (Silver), Rebound Chaser (HOF), Chase Down Artist (HOF), Ankle Braces (HOF), Rim Protector(HOF), Intimidator(Gold)

Above all, is the details of creating the best PG build NBA 2K21,include physicle setting, badges and attributes. At goldah.com, we provide cheap NBA 2K21 MT and useful NBA 2K21 guides to improve your game experience.3.

Author's Bio: 

Hassan Awan