Just like many people, they like to start your morning with a warm drink. And this is usually a drinks that has a high caffeine content like coffee or black tea. When you take a warm, soothing cup of java, this may be comforting at first but it will stir some nerves later. To deal with this one, you need to drink another cup a few hours later, and repeating this process throughout the day. Doing this everyday can cause caffeine addiction that can have negative effects to your daily life. One good alternative to these caffeinated drinks are the presence of these herbal teas. While you may be familiar with herbal teas such as chamomile, dandelion, or hibiscus, you may also enjoy traditional Navajo caffeine free herbal tea for use as a warm, soothing drink at breakfast time. These herbal teas can also be enjoyed in the evening without causing sleep disruption because it has no caffeine.

The Navajo people have been using an herb called greenthread to make tea for generations. This herb is commonly grown by other native American tribes including the Hopi and Pueblo. The greenthread, or Thelesperma Megapotamicum, scientific name, are grown and used by native Americans throughout the southwest. This particular plant grows in the area referred to as the Colorado plateau, but is known to be grown and used as far north as Montana and South Dakota. Several species of this herb are grown throughout these areas, from low plains to high mountain lands, and almost all of them can be used to make caffeine free herbal tea.

Navajo tea has also proven to have medicinal benefits as well as its attractive soothing benefits and pleasant aroma. Water retention can also be alleviated since this herb has a mild diuretic effect. It can calm stomach cramping and other digestive maladies. Since there are more studies that will surely be done to identify the full range of its constituents, it has proven to contain flavonoids and chalcone glycosides. Greenthread is closely related to a widely used Chinese herb called Bidens. This herb has proven to have anti-inflammatory properties, to help control elevated stomach acid levels, to improve blood flow, and to reduce high blood pressure. Due to their close relation, it is likely that greenthread will be found to have these same health benefits.

The greenthread is harvested as soon as the buds on flowers have opened. It is then cut a few inches above the soil, enabling re-growth in the next planting season. After harvesting, these plants are washed thoroughly and then air dried. After it has been dried, the plants are tied into four inch bundles. About six grams in weight, these bundles are then stored until they will be used to make Navajo caffeine free herbal tea. At that time, one bundle is used to make a pot of tea, by it in approximately six cups of water. But more water can be added to further thin the tea and a milder favor. The boiling process takes about five minutes. Others may want to add some honey or sugar to sweeten the tea, while some would opt for a more natural flavor.

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