Prostate cancer is considered one of the deadliest ailments that affect millions of men worldwide. This killer disease causes severe pain and discomfort especially when not treated immediately. This led medical experts to find treatment for prostate cancer. Most patients prefer to go under the knife to relieve themselves while others resort to taking medicines and supplements. However, there are those who opt for more natural ways as treatment for prostate cancer.

Before you consider getting on that operation table or taking medications, try a more natural treatment for prostate cancer like the following:

• Saw palmetto is the most common treatment and is being used by millions of men to cure prostate cancer. It has the ability to stop the enlargement of the testosterone. They are used by men who are experiencing weak urine flow and enlargement of the prostate. A survey conducted reported that half of the men who took the remedy said that it alleviated their symptoms. This made saw palmetto a popular herbal treatment for prostate cancer.

• Olive oil is also considered an effective treatment for prostate cancer. An herbal extract of this can induce prostate cancer cells to self destruct. It has the ability to reduce the growth of prostate cancer cells as well. This in turn, provoked the cancer cells to die.

• Foods that contain lycopene can serve as treatment for prostate cancer. Lycopene is at it maximum level on tomatoes, watermelon, grapefruits and apricots. It has the ability to motivate the immune system and make the cancer cells self destruct. It is advisable then to have a daily dose of lycopene and include them on your regular diet.

• Pumpkin seeds are also used as treatment for prostate cancer. They are good source of zinc. This nutrient is needed by the body for proper function of the prostate. This is the organ that stores more zinc and when the body is suffering from prostate cancer, the level of the zinc declines rapidly.

• Fish oils have healthy fats like the omega 3, which promote for a healthy prostate. However, avoid saturated fats, they are unhealthy and can cause heart problems. Fish oils are 100% natural and are proven effective as treatment for prostate cancer.

• Tea and pomegranate are likewise good treatment for prostate cancer. The pomegranate contains antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. The extract of the fruit has an anti tumor effects. The black and green tea also has antioxidants that help in preventing prostate cancer.

• A flavonoid known as quercetin, found in apples and onions are also considered to block the growth of prostate cancer cells. Many patients include them in their diet, being considered as treatment for prostate cancer.

Early treatment for prostate cancer must be done earlier on before the condition gets out of hand. One thing you should know is that prostate cancer kills but you can avoid it. By having a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and avoiding stress, you can protect yourself from this killer.

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