If you're looking for a source of limited resources, and one that's been overused in some parts of America, look no further than natural gas fields. It is non renewable and yet used for so much of our daily lives. Uses for NGF include heating, cooking, and electricity generation. Also NGF use is included in fuel for vehicles, making plastic as chemical feed, and other important chemicals that are organic.

Looking at this from an industrial use standpoint, the are many different products this is used for. It is used to make antifreeze, fabrics, some pharmaceuticals, ammonia, plastics as were mentioned earlier, also made are other forms like ethanol, methane, and propane. Some pharmaceuticals that are made using this, called petrochemicals, are cough syrups, antihistamines, antibacterial, suppositories, lubricants, some creams, salves, and even analgesic and gels. These can be over the counter or prescriptions.

There are Natural gas field reserves all over the world, with the largest number of reserves in Russia, with thirty-five thousand reserves. It is then followed by Iran with thirty-three thousand two hundred. Currently, ten nations in the world hold the largest reserves out of all of them. As far as having the largest reserve, instead of number of reserves, is in South Pars, in Iran and Qatar. Following them in second largest is Urengoy, in Russia. The other large, top twenty, reserves are as follows: Yamburg in Russia, Hassi R'Mel in Algeria, Shtokman in Russia, Galkynysh in Turkmenistan, Zapolyarnoye in Rushia, Hugoton in the United States of America, Groningen in the Netherlands, Bovanenko in Russia, Medvezhye in Russia, Dauletabad in Turkmenistan, Karachaganak in Kazakhstan, North Pars in Iran, Kish in Iran, Orenburg in Russia, Kharasavey in Russia, Shah Deniz in Azerbaijan, Golshan in Iran, and last is Zohr in Egypt. All together it seems that if someone wants to find the largest reserves or fields of the gas, they should look near Iran or Russia on the western hemisphere of the globe.

In America, the natural gas is usually produced by both offshore and onshore drilling companies. Some are even produced and harvested in coal mines. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, and that means that if we use it all we will run out and have to find alternative means of fuel sources and types. Fossil fuels are formed deep within the Earth. Natural gas is normally called a clean energy alternative because it emits less harmful substances while it is burning than other fossil fuels do. There are less carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxides emitted by burning this compared to coal and other similar substances; or oil and substances similar to that as well. However, Natural gas field is still a limited resource and once that's gone we will not be able to find any again or be able to get anything similar to it. We as a species have been using this resource for many generations and generations to come will as well. We should try to preserve these Natural gas fields as much as we possibly can.

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