Natural is always best especially in treating ailments of the body. You don’t need to treat simple body pains like arthritis with very expensive and commercialized remedies like pain relievers. As a matter of fact, you can get natural arthritis relief from common herbs which can be found in your backyard.

Herbs are very popular for their unique characteristics. They can be used to add flavor and aroma to dishes. Their aromatic scent even serves as natural air freshener and deodorizer. They can even be used as ornaments in your home. But none can be more important than their ability to treat and cure many ailments like arthritis.

Arthritis refers to the inflammation of the joints. It is divided into two, namely osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Both forms are common and usually affect people in their old age. Herbs are widely used throughout the world as natural arthritis relief and their effectiveness are proven and tested by experts.

What makes natural arthritis relief the best choice?

• It is 100% natural. No chemicals like preservatives, artificial coloring and flavoring are added. Herbs for natural arthritis relief can be applied or taken directly.

• No side effects. Since they are all natural, rest assured you’ll feel no side effects from using herbs. You can even use them regularly and not worry about being overdosed.

• They are very affordable and some are even free. You can buy ointments from natural oils or dried herbs at cheap prices to be used for natural arthritis relief. You can even grow some of them in your own home garden.

Common herbs that guarantee natural arthritis relief

• Ginger
This herb contains a special enzyme known as zingibain which is proven to have anti-inflammatory properties effective to relieve arthritis. You can take it as tincture or turn into ginger tea which you can drink as substitute for coffee or milk. You can even add it in your food. Taking ginger everyday is an effective natural arthritis relief.

• Garlic
Garlic is not only good for the heart but also widely used as natural arthritis relief. You can eat it raw or added as ingredient in your dishes. Eating ginger can actually lower your blood pressure and improve blood circulation, allowing oxygen to be transmitted to your bloodstream properly. In addition, it is rich in antioxidants that fight harmful toxins in the body.

• Angelica
This natural arthritis relief herb is very stimulating. You can use it as a compress and apply on the affected areas of the body. It relieves pain in just a few minutes. You can even add angelica oil in your hot bath.

• Turmeric
If you’re looking for natural arthritis relief from the food you eat, better use turmeric in adding flavor to your dishes. This powerful herb is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that prevent cartilage from wearing out and reduces pain and swelling in affected areas.

• Cayenne
Most people avoid eating hot, spicy foods but if you’re after a natural arthritis relief, use cayenne to spice up your dishes. Capsaicin, an active ingredient found in cayenne, can help relieve pain caused by arthritis.

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