There are many if not numerous myths and cheerleading stereotypes that many people believe. The cheerleading stereotypes are mostly informed by the media, most especially high school movies. All you have to do is watch a high school flick or two and you would be exposed to the many myths and stereotypes about cheerleaders in sublimated cheerleading uniforms.Some of those myths are:

1. Cheerleaders only care about being popular
High school flicks have presented cheerleaders as a bunch of girls who only care about their popularity. There are more important things to cheerleaders, than popularity. One of those things is being the best at cheering and winning cheerleading competitions with their squad, just like other athletes also care about winning games. And winning or even just knowing cheer routines requires a lot of hard work and practice. The only reason why most times, cheerleaders are usually presented as over-confident popular girls is because of the self-confidence that is an important part of cheering.

2. Cheerleaders are always female
People always assume that cheerleading is a female-activity sport and that only girls are cheerleaders. The belief is that guys in custom cheerleading uniforms are just there to throw and catch cheerleaders. This is just a myth and stereotype. The fact is that; cheerleading started out as a male activity about a century ago before it became female-dominated game. Regardless of the number of girls who are cheerleaders, there are also male cheerleaders who excel at cheering.

3. Cheerleaders don’t need to practice
People always assume that those difficult routines that cheerleaders do just require a flexible body and very little practice. Contrary to that stereotypical belief, youth cheerleaders do year-round practice to perfect their routines. They also need a lot of training, including strength training for routines that require lifting or balancing their teammates in sublimated cheerleading uniforms.

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