So then, what are Mystical Secrets? Metaphysics, meaning beyond the physical senses, covers a lot more territory than I can possibly cover in any ten books. I will only be covering the most practical of these aspects.

Merriam Webster gives us this definition of mystical:
Having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence.
Involving or having the nature of an individual’s direct subjective communion with God or ultimate reality.

My teacher, Grace V. Dickinson, C.S.B. gave me this example: If we lived in a two dimensional world, everything would have length and width. If we were to look at each other, we could be easily fooled because we would have no perception of depth. If however, we perceived the third dimension, we could rise above the two dimensional world and see everything from a new perspective. From this elevated standpoint, we could see past the walls we thought were barriers while stuck in our two dimensional thinking.

Now, when someone rises above the flimsy three dimensional so-called realities into the holographic reality of multiple dimensions, they can see beyond what we previously deemed solid in our world.

The dimension of Spirit supersedes the laws and perceptions of matter. This is because the senses are limited. They only report two and three dimensional facts. Mystical truth must be sought through the heart and soul (spiritual senses) not the brain and physical senses.

That being said, we do however, get clues from our physical senses. Quantum Physics continually bears this out.

Unless you deeply feel the need to rise above material limitations, you might as well live your life vicariously through the two dimensional world of a television screen—and so many do just that!

So here is a bigger picture...

If you want to discuss miracles, consider the following totally impossible story first, and then we will define miracles. I call it...

The Hokey Story

Once upon a time, a huge rock whirled through planetary mine fields at dizzying speeds. For hundreds of millions of years, it revolved around a ball of volatile, exploding gases until it somehow acquired an atmosphere. Then this rock evolved plant life, which was followed by the mysterious introduction of critters. Now get this! The critters need oxygen, food and water. No problem, the green things suck in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. The critters give off carbon dioxide and breathe in oxygen. How convenient for the greenies too! Both require a moderate temperature, but not to worry; the ball of gases that unceasingly and violently explodes, never seems to vary in temperature because, if it did, there would be no life on this crystalline, water-covered rock.

OK, now to make this hokey story even weirder, the critters have their food appear out of the ground, and the vital water they need to survive falls out of the sky. Everything they could ever imagine or dream of needing is supplied in unlimited quantities.

What is the form/body like? It has sensors and testing devices, audio, video, feeds on almost anything, and self-cleanses. It has arms and hands for a tool kit and legs and feet for ambulation. Yes, and for thousands and thousands of years it has always had a built-in PC that continues to reprogram and evolve! All this from nothing more than the energy of a spinning rock!

What is the chief cause of the demise of these beings? Scientific studies show they die from illnesses related to stress—in a word, worry! In a universe of unlimited possibility and in an obvious field of never-ending miracles, they seem to spend most of their lives in discontent, worry, fear and complaint. Who would ever believe a hokey story like that?

There have to be 100 million miracles occurring each day, just so we can open our eyes each morning!!!

Let me share an insight. We watch these “secrets” unfold daily; however, because we have been taught incorrectly by uninformed authorities, someone must point them out for most of us. As soon as we are told what they are, many of us deny their importance and refuse to change and align ourselves with the miracle flow of Intelligence designed to make life work.

Out of fear of being wrong, many people will reject these perceptions and choose to live without the happiness, peace, joy and love these secrets were designed to provide.

Don’t look to another person or to a closed system to open your heart.
We must look within ourselves and find Truth... because that is where it exists!

More to come!

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Todd Puntolillo is a life-long metaphysician. As a speaker, he has delivered his message of love and healing on television and radio. As a writer, he has written columns for national, international and local publications. He has given seminars, classes, does public speaking engagements on radio and TV and also does personal coaching. Todd has spent sixty years in pursuit of an understanding of the metaphysical laws that underwrite our existence. His remarkably clear and profound approach to this massive undertaking renders his books a must for anyone who questions his place and purpose in this immense realm we call life.
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