The MyoTrac Infiniti U-Control redefines the field of treatment of incontinence by incorporating unique features designed to meet a wide variety of needs and budgets. It allows you to measure high-resolution surface electromyography (SEMG) and perform electrical stimulation or SEMG-triggered stimulation (not available in USA) in a large number of configurations. It is specifically designed to rehabilitate the pelvic floor and treat stress, urge and mixed incontinence. The MyoTrac Infiniti U-Control is very easy to use with its intuitive user interface and touch screen. The system is light, portable and housed in a compact, rugged ergonomic case with a choice of line or battery power.
The unit has 2 channels of SEMG and a wide variety of configurations to meet your treatment and budgetary needs. Easy to navigate Touch Screen with simple screens to easily guide you through setup and training. Auto-threshold, audio feedback with a wide variety of display screens. Over 30 pre-programmed protocols. Room to expand and add your own protocols. A lock feature ensures patient compliance for use in a multi-room clinic or when used as a take home MyoTrac Infiniti U-Control unit to further enhance clinical training.

The clinical version is further enhanced by the powerful BioGraph Infiniti software, which combines dynamic graphics with data analysis and reporting functions. The software provides a selection of pre-defined protocols for perineal control and relaxation as well as pelvic floor hyper and hypotonicity and much more. Save sessions to a compact flash memory card to review later in the software, or connect the MyoTrac Infiniti to a computer for full screen display and instant reports.

BioGraph Infiniti Software with Continence Suite · Easy to understand Tutorials that guide you through patient setup and progress right into an evaluation. Customizable reports for demonstrating compliance for third party billing. Templates to guide your patients on their performance goals. Color coded screens designed for specific applications. Receives data live from the MyoTrac Infiniti USB cable or from data saved to compact flash memory.

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