The Law of Attraction
By Carol Page – Personal Life Coach

In the world of self-development, The Law of Attraction or The Secret as it is often called is causing huge waves. This is in part because, if it delivers on anything like the scale of the claims that are made of it, everyone wants a piece of the action and partly because of the controversy that accompanies it.

The principle behind the Law of Attraction is that ‘like attracts like’ and this works at the level of your thoughts. What you think about is what you attract into your life.

The bad news is that this works in a negative way as well as a positive. So if you think about not wanting to get into debt, or not having an accident, or you are fearful of becoming ill – guess what – you are likely to attract those things to you.

The good news, on the other hand, is that you can change your thought patterns, and you can learn to focus on the good things that you want to attract. The Law of Attraction says that if you go through the right processes you can attract anything you want into your life. So, if you want a new car, a fantastic relationship, a lovely house or £10million in the bank, you can have it. You - and only you - are responsible for everything that comes into your life.

There are 3 basis steps to the process:
1) Ask – make a command of the universe (or God, depending on your beliefs)
2) Believe that you already have it
3) Receive – begin to feel the way you will feel when it arrives.

You can see why this is creating huge waves!

The bad press
One of the main reasons why the Law of Attraction is so controversial is because the Law says that if bad things happen to you – an earthquake, or a car accident, or you become ill – they happen because you thought them into existence. Now we all have some experience of this happening. If you are anxious about falling over you are probably at least twice as likely to fall over as someone who is more relaxed and easy-going. Experts tell us that if we are nervous about getting mugged we are more likely to get mugged than if we walk with an air of confidence.

However, to suggest that we are totally responsible for everything that happens in our lives is, I believe, folly. Can a child who is killed in a car accident be held responsible for the poor driving of another road user? I think not. And we hear people say ‘I didn’t see that one coming!’ suggesting that it was the last thing on their minds.

So what do I believe?
In my opinion, there are a number of different forces at work in the world, and we are interacting with millions of other people who are all working with those forces in different ways. 2 people could go for an interview for the same job, both using the Law of Attraction, but the Law cannot work for them both on this one occasion.

For these reasons I do not see that the Law of Attraction can deliver for all of us all of the time, regardless of what we focus on.

On the other hand, the power of positive thinking has long been recognised as a powerful tool. If I have confidence and believe that I will pass an exam, I am more likely to do so than if I think I’m rubbish.

I believe it is possible to attract both good and bad things into our lives and that what we focus on is likely to come about. More importantly however, I believe we are responsible for how we respond to everything that happens to us. For example, nobody can make us angry – we choose to be angry. However, we can also choose to respond to events and people in a different, more positive way.

We can change our thoughts and feelings and that by having a positive mindset we are more likely to attract positive things into our lives.

So how do I apply this process to Life Coaching?
As a Life Coach I know the value of having clear goals, focusing on what you want to get out of life. I help my clients to visualise their goal – to imagine they already have it, to see, hear, feel, taste and even smell everything associated with having their goal. So for example, if a client has a dream of owning a yacht or having a job in which they were paid their worth and well respected, or their goal is to get fit enough to run a marathon, I ask them to imagine having already achieved this goal. I get them to describe what it feels like.

I then work with my clients to help them to break the goal down into smaller sub-goals and help them put in place a plan of action to make it come about.

We can attract great things into our lives. But we need to change the way we think, and be committed to the process of real change. Then we will see fantastic things begin to happen.

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Author's Bio: 

Carol Page is a Personal Life Coach, trained with The Coaching Academy in the UK, currently living and working in Cyprus. She coaches to a full spectrum of personal life issues and has significant professional experience in supporting people following trauma, bereavement and other personal crises. She specialises in developing spirituality and sexuality, helping people to feel free and alive - deep down to the core.