In March 2008, I had an experience that I am positive many of us have had – perhaps several times. It all started with an IDEA in my mind! I had been talking with a friend on the phone and he mentioned something to me that sparked a business idea that I knew would work, and that I was extremely passionate about. However, much like everyone who has good ideas and dreams, I spent too much time listening to the voices of fear and doubt that I thus never acted on those ideas.

One night, however, as I was retiring for bed, this business IDEA came back into my mind; but because time had elapsed, I was having new and different (and better) ideas this time. It was at this moment, now looking back in hindsight, that the very first principle of success was implemented … I took out a piece of paper and a pen, I WROTE DOWN all the ideas that were coming to my mind, and I truly BELIEVED that this IDEA would work.

I then purposely let those ideas sit for some time, knowing that anybody can get excited about an idea in the moment, but TIME has a way of bringing reason, logic, and wisdom to any situation. I knew that if I was still excited and passionate about the idea in a few weeks (not to mention the new ideas that would come by then), then perhaps I had something. That time came, and the ideas, excitement, and passion increased!

It was at this point – and I’ll never forget it – that I completely COMMITTED to doing whatever necessary to accomplish this dream and bringing this idea into reality! I remember not only establishing an organized plan and setting GOALS, but also personally making a very specific promise that I would put God and my family FIRST, that I would WORK extremely hard on this idea EVERY DAY, and that I would NOT QUIT until it was accomplished. I also promised that WHEN I did SUCCEED, that I would GIVE and help other people with my time and resources.

Well, to make an extremely long story short, after having built an expensive website, putting in countless hours each day for a few months, and developing and implementing my marketing plan, the business and idea completely failed. However, I was DETERMINED to make this work and to accomplish my goal and dream. I thus completely CHANGED my approach, developed a NEW plan, and tried marketing to different people and in different ways. To say the least, much time and money was put into this idea … and it failed AGAIN!

I remember one day literally feeling like I was standing between two decisions trying to determine which voice in my head would I listen to – the one that was screaming for me to give up, or the one that was quietly reminding me to PERSIST. The most challenging part as I stood there was trying to convince myself that my idea may have temporarily failed, but that did not mean that I personally was a failure.

Thankfully, I chose to listen to and heed the advice of the voice that often is extremely quiet, encourages us to take the much more difficult road, and is usually drowned out by the masses of people who listen to, follow, and encourage us to follow the other voice who is constantly screaming at us to take the easy road.

And yet, despite the fact that I chose to listen to the right voice, that certainly did not make the journey any easier. But, success was achieved. My goal was accomplished. The dream was realized. And ironically, this happened not necessarily because the IDEA was an amazing idea, but because I believed in the idea and myself, I completely committed to it, I worked at it every day, I overcame doubt and fear, I learned from and got up when I temporarily failed, and I persisted until my idea became a success. And perhaps most importantly, it was a success not because of the quality of the product or the money that was (and is) being generated, but because I put God and family first, and helped others with the resources I have been blessed with.

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