Consider this: about 80% of Americans will experience chronic back pain at some point in their life. Add that to the fact that lower back pain is becoming more common, and soon more and more Americans will be searching for treatment for their pain.

Unfortunately, however, there is only so much a doctor can do when it comes to treating back pain fully. There are prescription medications and surgery options available, but they can come with severe side effects and long recovery times.

Luckily, here’s where a chiropractor can come in. Chiropractic care is a holistic method of pain management that works by manipulating the spine back to its normal alignment. While it is used primarily to ease pain and discomfort, there are plenty of benefits of consistent chiropractic care that may not initially occur to you.

It can improve your posture

Your spine is the center of your back, and it is responsible for how you sit, stand, and walk. So it only makes sense that if you have a back problem, your posture will be skewed. If your back isn’t in alignment, then you may notice your shoulders slumping forward, your back curved towards your front, and you may even be sitting at an angle. Having adjustments performed consistently can work wonders to improve your posture, which in turn boosts your confidence.

Chiropractic pro tip: it is very common to have bad posture while driving a car. To bypass this, sit up as straight as possible and adjust your mirrors to their proper position. This way, if you slump, you won’t be able to see your mirrors, and you’ll have to sit with erect posture for your entire drive.

It can boost your immune system

One benefit of chiropractic care is the fact it helps your body heal from the inside out. But when your nervous system is compromised by the misalignment of your spine, your immune system can’t work properly. Once the spine is realigned, your cells and tissues are prepared to fight off viruses and bacteria. In fact, studies have proven that those who get more adjustments have fewer colds⁠—so what could be better?

It increases energy

When your spine is tense, your whole body will be tense. Getting a chiropractic adjustment can not only free up this tension in your body, but it will free the nerves in your back, shoulders, and neck to work more efficiently and effectively. The beauty of chiropractic care is that we usually don’t realize how much pain we are in, and how that pain can affect our mood. Most patients realize they are unburdened by their uncomfort after a few adjustments. Experiencing pain shouldn’t be normal for you, you should be able to enjoy life to its fullest and have enough energy to match what you want to do!

It can aid in digestion

The same nerves that help your body digest and absorb food and nutrients are attached to the spine. And like anything else, when the spine is not aligned, the nerves in your stomach cannot work properly and can signal a need for more acid production, which can cause painful heartburn and acid reflux. A quick adjustment can ease these symptoms in just an hour or so.

Chiropractic adjustment is more than eliminating pain from the body, as there are plenty of benefits that come with seeing your chiropractor on a regular basis. In addition, these medical professionals, such as LaunchFit, offer other health and wellness solutions to get your body back on track in no time at all. So head to a chiropractor today to see how you can benefit!

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A freelance writer with a BA in English from Sarah Lawrence College.